Online retailer Catch is tapping into current consumer trends, launching a live trivia show that gives participants the chance to win discount codes for popular products like Apple AirPods. 

Think of it as a flash sale crossed with a live streamed quiz.

Ryan Gracie, CMO at Catch Group said Catch Live is a priority for the company at the moment when it comes to technology and capabilities. 

“It has required a heavy investment in the complex technology and capabilities to create the right platform to offer customers an engaging and interactive shopping experience,” Gracie told Which-50. 

“At the same time there has also been a big focus and investment in campaigns to produce content to create a new platform that engages customers through trivia and games, and offering exclusive products and collaborations only to Catch Live.”

Gracie said the growing trend of audience involvement and the movement towards live streaming on social media inspired the company with the launch of Catch Live.

catch live

He explained Catch Live is more than just trivia, “It brings together trivia and games with exclusive products, deals and brand collaborations to give customers a new, exciting way to shop.”

This follows the trend of live quiz shows like HQ where users answer questions in realtime to win cash or prizes. HQ racked up 1 million users in less than six months after it launched in August 2017.

To play, users register to Catch Live where they will be notified of an upcoming game.

To get a discount from the site users answer 10 questions and if answered correctly are given a discount code for a particular product. 

Brands that will be included in the upcoming shows include Nintendo, Loreal, Dyson, Maybelline, Nars, Apple, Google Home and Lego.

The show lasts for 10 minutes and will be aired on different days with no word on when the next airing date will be.

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