Afterpay is using work place productivity platform Slack to allow its more than 900 employees to connect, collaborate and work more efficiently across every department.

Designed originally for the esports and gaming world, Slack has emerged as one of the big winners in the era of digital transformation, and its growth was supercharged by the COVID disruption. Late last year Salesforce announced it was buying the business for $AU37 billion ($US27B ).

As the pandemic forced most of Afterpay’s workforce to shift to remote a year ago, the company has used Slack to maintain business momentum and alignment, move work forward and support its growth. That growth is significant with Afterpay hiring and onboarding over 300 new employees in the last six months.

The platform has also facilitated collaboration with third parties and enabled Afterpay to keep contact centres in Manila and Texas up to speed on company developments.

According to Simon Gowland Director of Enterprise Technology Afterpay, “Leveraging Slack, we have been able to roll-out continual growth and development within Afterpay; from empowering our employees and expanding our workforce, to connecting with millions of customers.”

He said, “Slack has allowed us to drive innovation throughout the company, and foster a culture of open communication, inclusion and alignment across the board.”

Afterpay says its mission is to give customers the ability to budget for the things they want and need.  The company claims something that became particularly important to people during the uncertainty of the pandemic.

Its customer base has grown to over 13 million, and it continues to add over 20,000 customers a day, pushing, according to a spokesperson.

In just six years, Afterpay has grown from just another Australian startup to an ASX Top 20 company that now operates in New Zealand, the U.S., Canada and the U.K.

The spokesperson said as Afterpay continues to scale globally, it will lean on Slack to move work forward and support its growth as a company, giving millions of customers a “better way to pay.”


Slack recently recognised Afterpay’s implementation of its platform awarding it the Australia country award in the inaugural Slack Spotlight Awards. Slack says what stood out was its use of Slack to facilitate seamless communication and increase productivity, both internally and with external partners, against the backdrop of an ever-changing work environment.

The Slack Spotlight Awards are designed to recognise and celebrate the companies from every corner of the globe that rose to the challenge of 2020 to reimagine the future of work and demonstrate tremendous innovation. Previous winners from around the world include Nike, T-Mobile, Viacom CBS, Dell, Splunk, and Gymshark.

“Watching Afterpay’s growth has been remarkable, and we are proud that they have relied on Slack to support their ability to adapt and innovate, despite all the hurdles that 2020 threw their way as the pandemic unfolded,” said Matt Loop, Head of Asia Pacific, Slack.

Correction: We have clarified that the price Salesforce paid for Salck was $AUD37B, not $USD. 

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