The idea that a single suite can deliver an end to end digital experience for all of a company’s customers becomes less attractive the more brands understand the genuine complexity at play.

To build genuinely world class, scalable and personalised experiences many companies have already discovered that all-in-one suites and clouds are unable to meet the complex needs of customers and consumers.

Instead, best of breed solutions offer brands the opportunity to pick the best tool for the job at hand, while integrating easily and seamlessly with other solutions in the technology stack via APIs.

It is for this reason that Optimzely is working with a range of other businesses such as Atlassian, AWS, Tealium, full story, Contentful, Amplitude and New Relic to provide the Digital Experience Stack (DXS).

The DXS is looking to help organisations overcome a number of common impediments to digital and business transformation such as poor usability, broken workflows, limited scalability and a lack of tools along with locked down and siloed data.

These problems typically increase the total cost of ownership and slow down innovation.

All the companies in the alliance are committed to making it easy to build your perfect digital experience stack.

The Digital Experience Stack brings together best-in-class tools for building digital experiences. All the members of the alliance are committed to an open platform and integration strategy to maximise value for customers.

That is a commitment future members of the DXS must adhere to as well. Members of the DXS alliance will meet the following criteria:

  • API-First mentality where they deliver a platform approach and data-portability as priority;
  • End-point solution not part of large suite;
  • Enterprise class company or rapidly shifting to enterprise with at least 25 enterprise customers;
  • Commitment to collaborate on sales and marketing starting with user conferences and content;
  • Partner and engineering resources for integrations will commit to enabling technical integration

There are myriad benefits to customers from the DXS, not least of all is the ability for companies get more leverage out of their solutions. This allows them to focus on creating high-impact digital experiences that drive loyalty, growth, revenue, and engagement.

It will also help them better understand their customers by making it easier to capture the user data and behaviours needed to understand their customers and their needs at all points in the digital journey.

Teams will also be able to better leverage analytics and experimentation to ensure the decisions they make about the digital experience they are developing are rooted in trusted data.

By helping customers build best-in-class infrastructure the DXS alliance will also give them the best opportunity of delivering great experiences, fast, and help to drive rapid innovation.

Apart from happier customers, there are other benefits that also accrue to new members of the DXS.

This alliance members benefit from co-marketing opportunities and a shared framework for integrations. By working together they can also shape the discussion around digital experience solutions and partner to bring the best of breed message to market.

It will also make defining best practices easier which is help with implementation strategies. And of course membership can generate interest and leads for member companies.

The bottom line is that in an increasingly complex digital world where companies need to understand and integrate with the whole ecosystem, the ability to build solutions based on best of breed options, and share data seamlessly is critical to delivery the best customer outcomes.

About the author

Dan Ross is the managing director of Optimizely ANZ which is a member of the Which-50 Digital Intelligence Unit. Members provide their insights and expertise for the benefit of our senior executive audience. Membership fees apply.


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