Oracle Bronto, a cloud-based email marketing vendor, has launched a new product recommendation feature – Recommendations Web. Oracle says the new solution helps marketers increase consumer engagement and revenue.

Integrated within the Bronto Marketing Platform, Recommendations Web enables commerce marketers to leverage a combination of custom business rules and predictive models to automate dynamic, personalised product recommendations for ecommerce websites, without the need for extensive technical support.

“Seeing what the recommendations tool has done for our emails, I cannot wait to get Recommendations Web live,” said Matt Grimm, director of ecommerce at RST Brands, a manufacturer of premium outdoor furniture.

“Having a tool like this live on our NetSuite SuiteCommerce site will change how we interact with our site visitors. The Bronto team has put great thought into how this solution works, and we couldn’t be more excited to launch it.”

Consumers increasingly expect a personalised and relevant shopping experience whenever and however they interact with a brand. To help commerce marketers meet these rapidly changing expectations and maximise conversion and engagement, Recommendations Web makes it easy to provide a seamless transition from email to the web by ensuring consistent branding and appearance of product recommendations across channels.

This is all while helping to guide customers down the path to purchase with tailored recommendations. The user-friendly solution enables marketers to quickly and easily create business rules and personalise content to maximise conversion and engagement.

“Recommendations Web is game-changing for our customers,” said Bronto General Manager, George Moser.

“Our goal has always been to help merchants maximise engagement and drive revenue by elevating the omnichannel shopping experience. The launch of Recommendations Web is another example of how we’re helping our customers stay ahead of increasing expectations and achieve their business goals.”

Recommendations Web is part of the Bronto Marketing Platform, a sophisticated marketing automation platform that powers personalised multichannel content to generate higher shopper engagement to maximise revenue opportunities.

An extension of Bronto’s recommendations offerings for email, Recommendation Web empowers marketers to easily and quickly add dynamic, personalised product recommendations anywhere on their ecommerce website.

Unlike other marketing automation platforms that offer integrated web recommendations, the Bronto Marketing Platform makes it quick and easy for marketers to select the predictive rules or customise the display layout. Third-party providers often also require marketers to add custom code to every page where the recommendations appear.

With Recommendations Web, the same set of recommendations can be used on multiple pages, minimising the need to update or implement custom code when recommendations rules or designs change.

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