Australian Red Cross has implemented a new solution to automate administrative tasks and to unify the experience of its 270,000 clients, donors, members and volunteers, using the Boomi platform.

By automating previously manual and onerous administrative tasks, it was able to divert more resources to critical services. The platform has also integrated data from multiple new and existing core systems, forming the foundations of the charity’s digital experience platform, including the new MyRedCross portal.

According to Veronica Frost, CIO at Red Cross Australia, “If we don’t have integrated systems, we don’t have accurate or up-to-date data on which to base business decisions, and therefore can’t provide a personalised experience for our stakeholders.”

“We offer so many services across Australia, it’s important we’re able to tailor our communications to the needs and interests of each person that is engaging with us.”

“Personalisation leads to better experiences, but in order to personalise, we first needed to digitalise our operations – this meant connecting all our various systems so we could have a holistic view of our customers based on all the data available to us. Boomi will enable the 360-degree view of the customer we need,” Frost said.

The local chapter of the Red Cross provides multiple services to the nation’s most vulnerable – including Emergency Services, Migration Support Services, First Aid and Mental Health First Aid Training, and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander partnerships – and manages an extensive retail network.

As part of its digital transformation strategy, Red Cross made the decision to develop a new application, the MyRedCross online self-service customer portal, that would enable it to offer a unified customer experience to its donors.

With a vast IT environment, however, Red Cross first needed to connect data from a number of core systems and third-party platforms. This would give the not for profit (NFP) a holistic view of its 75,000 Regular Giving donors in the first instance, before being extended to remaining clients, donors, supporters, and volunteers.

The organisation opted for an integration platform to avoid having to deal with complex and onerous point-to-point integrations and costly ongoing maintenance. It overcame these challenges by implementing the Boomi platform, which provides a low-code, drag-and-drop graphic user interface (GUI) to simplify integrations, and breaks down data silos across the business.

The project included the integration of EpiServer, Pivotal CRM, Okta identity management, InTech address validation, and Campaign Monitor marketing automation systems, with these formerly-disparate systems now connected to ensure data is consistent, accurate, and always available.

While these tools were necessary to develop the MyRedCross portal – set to be released early in the new financial year – other integrations included connecting the systems from third parties, including fundraising partners, to Red Cross’ CRM.

Future integrations include connecting Point-of-Sale terminals to the charity’s finance systems to facilitate instore donations, and integrating the data from multiple HR systems to ensure consistent employee and volunteering data and enable the automation of onboarding procedures.

Central to Red Cross’ digitalisation efforts was the desire to automate previously manual administrative tasks, allowing more resources to be invested in service delivery, and the release of a core digital experience platform to transform how Australians engaged with the charity – MyRedCross.

“As an NFP, we need to ensure we make the most of our donor dollars so we’re focusing our resources where they’re most needed; in the community,” Frost said.

Frost said that in addition to simplifying its integrations and the maintenance of its back-end infrastructure, the new platform also enables Red Cross to streamline how it communicates with its stakeholders. “And it will automate administrative tasks like employee and volunteering onboarding. Every dollar we can save from these tasks is another we can give back to the community through our various services, ” she said.


It also accelerates the release of new features through the application as its core systems have now all been integrated.

“It’s a high priority for us to be a digital organisation and deliver digital services to our clients,” said Frost.

“Access to consistent, accurate, and up-to-date data is absolutely pivotal to our digital transformation efforts, and Boomi is a central part of delivering connected experiences to all our end users.”

“Not-for-profits play a critical role in helping the most vulnerable in our communities but they face unique challenges in terms of balancing budgets and finding the funding they need to modernise their services,” said Nicholas Lambrou, Managing Director Australia and New Zealand at Boomi. “By tapping the Boomi platform to break down siloes in its systems, Red Cross can not only provide more tailored experiences to all stakeholders, but it is now in a position to automate administrative tasks and invest even more resources into the crucial support services it offers the Australians who need it most.”

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