Boardroom Ventures, owner of Boardroom Media and has taken a strategic interest in data company Eight Dragons Digital Pty Ltd which holds an Australian opt-in consumer dataset of approximately 14.2 million Australians with detailed audience segmentation.

In addition to its Australian data Eight Dragons holds over 200 million records in the APAC region and 130 million in the United States with detailed financial information according to Earl Roberts, CEO, and founder of Eight Dragons Digital.

The company is the largest third-party data supplier to credit bureaus Equifax and Experian, and also provides monthly uploads to banks and financial institutions. 

It is typically used by national brands, like for instance,  Energy Australia to power customer acquisition campaigns.

After detailed analysis on this audience and extensive testing on the one million Australian business database including detailed information on the 30,000 C suite and 735,000 investors that the company has on its dataset, Boardroom Ventures has taken the step of a significant investment in the company with a view to a takeover, according to Boardroom.Media CEO Will Canty.

“This is a transformational move for us, and just as importantly for our clients both on the investor relations side of the business via Boardroom Media, and on the enterprise marketing side of the business via”

“This gives us access to one of the largest, profiled audiences in the country. For example, there are now 735,000 private investors to whom we can broadcast messages on behalf of clients,” said Canty. “By investing in Eight Dragons, Boardroom Ventures can now offer its clients unparalleled reach in the market and extensive access to a highly targeted audience of your choice.”

Since its launch 9 years ago, Boardroom Venture’s  has tracked the rise of data and analytics as now a core capability for modern marketing. 

According to Andrew Birmingham, editor-in-chief of Which-50, “Data alone is insufficient. The ability to use data to provide a better outcome for clients is the real game-changer. Contextualizing the subject matter expertise of Boardroom.Media in the investment world or the award-winning editorial of Which-50 in the enterprise transformation space through sophisticated data analytics provides a powerful tool for our clients.” 

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