Amazon Web Services today announced it will open a second region in Australia, with plans to have three availability zones up and running in Melbourne by the second half of 2022.

AWS says the new region – a group of data centres with separate power, cooling, and physical security connected via redundant, ultra-low-latency networks – will reduce latency, improve reliability, and offer more on shore data storage for regulated entities.

Globally, Amazon’s cloud arm has 77 availability zones across 24 geographic regions, and plans to launch 18 more availability zones and six more AWS regions in India, Indonesia, Japan, Spain, Switzerland, as well as the new region in Australia.

For security reasons AWS does not disclose the physical locations of its data centres or many of the details on technology and infrastructure considerations. Although several locations were published by WikiLeaks in 2018.

“We locate these availability zones in sensible locations that make sense to protect our customers data and remain reliable and available even in the event of things like floods and other types of activities,” said Simon Elisha, director of technology and transformation, public sector, ANZ at AWS during a media briefing today.

“But the details of that remain closely guarded because they’re not relevant to what our customers are doing but they are important from a security standpoint.

Customer demand

Australia is getting a second region in Melbourne because of an increasing demand from AWS customers to migrate mission critical workloads to the cloud and take advantage of cloud services, according to Adam Beavis, AWS managing director Australia and New Zealand.

“We now have hundreds of thousands of customers here across Australia and New Zealand, and we’re seeing them continue to migrate workloads up [to the cloud], continue to look to drive more data insights to their customers, and looking to also work on how they can improve that customer experience,” Beavis told Which-50 at the media briefing.

“The second region in Melbourne will give them that opportunity to build applications with even higher levels of availability in country into a second region. And that is a trend we will continue to see.”

AWS expects the new region will have the same level of capability as the current Sydney region which launched in 2012. While the Melbourne region won’t be available until the second half of 2022, AWS says Australian customers can move workloads to the Sydney region now and migrate to Melbourne when it comes online.

AWS says its parent company Amazon has invested $3 billion in Australia, including digital and physical infrastructure and employment. AWS today said the new data centres will create 90 new direct jobs for roles like security and operation engineers, as well as more indirect AWS jobs.

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