Amazon Web Services (AWS) has been awarded Protected certification by the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC), enabling Australian public and private sector organisations to store and process highly sensitive data at the Protected security classification level in the AWS Asia Pacific (Sydney) Region.

Since 2012, Australian government organisations, regulated entities, and the companies that serve them, have relied on AWS Asia Pacific (Sydney) Region to deliver mission-critical services.

Now, with ACSC Protected certification covering 42 AWS services including compute, storage, network, database, security, analytics, application integration, management and governance, these customers can take advantage of all the security benefits without paying a price premium, or needing to modify their existing applications or environments.

This announcement supports the Digital Transformation Agency’s (DTA) Secure Cloud Strategy.

“The accreditation awarded to the AWS Sydney Region to run and store Protected security classification workloads in Australia is a major milestone for our existing customers and paves the way for others who may have been waiting for this certification in order to begin their cloud journey on AWS,” said Peter Moore, Asia Pacific Regional Managing Director, Worldwide Public Sector, Amazon Web Services.

“This accreditation also generates new opportunities for our AWS Partner Network to build value-added services and solutions to serve AWS customers in the region and will inspire even more startups to build their businesses on AWS.”

Head of the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC), Alastair MacGibbon said, “The ACSC has certified 42 AWS services at Protected, and we have certified an additional four services to AWS’s UDLM CCSL offering. This provides Australian Government agencies assurance that these services meet stringent Australian Government security requirements. The government provides a robust risk-management framework to assess cyber security risks. The ACSC recommends customers review the certification documentation and make sound risk based decisions when choosing a cloud service.

“Cloud technology is in huge demand, and in line with that, the ACSC is also evolving its programs to continue lifting cyber security standards across the whole of the Australian economy. It’s another way we are making Australia the safest place to live, work and play online,” MacGibbon said.

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