Will Griffith

Will Griffith

Will Griffith is the RVP Sales APAC Oracle Marketing Cloud


Let’s pop the balloon. Despite everything you have read or heard in recent months the machine won’t answer all of your questions, and it won’t replace you. It might even create more work for you if you are not careful. But the bottom line is that an ancient rule of

CMOs have a much more sophisticated view of the real value digital channels provide than many people give them credit for. That is especially true of those marketing executives who have successfully embedded agility into the way they work. That’s a key insight from a new study called “CMO Insights

The worlds of marketing technology and advertising technology developed in parallel for two decades, but three important industry trends are bringing them together: The growing advertising utility of walled gardens like Google and Facebook; the importance of the data layer and analytics to customer experience; and the CMO’s desire to

APAC has emerged as the world’s ecommerce hub in recent years. While much of the emphasis has attended the rise of China, where private consumption is set to reach $US6.4 trillion by 2020, the story is much wider. A report by Research and Markets released in October 2105 revealed that