Walter Adamson

Walter Adamson

Walter Adamson is the general manager of KINSHIP digital Victoria


Transparency of AI systems is certainly becoming a trending topic, with the momentum of thought being that we can’t deploy such systems if their reasoning is opaque. The reason being that if we did so that we would be blindly trusting the output of systems that we do not understand

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Having an effective marketing attribution model is one of the holy grails of modern marketing. With the need to (1) have access to, and (2) aggregate multi-channel multi-screen data it is a daunting task, and that’s not the place to start. Whitepaper via AdRoll and the Which-50 Digital Intelligence Unit: Building a

There are two questions which dominate our discussions with clients and potential clients of social media monitoring. The first is about geofiltering Twitter, and the second is about what data they can monitor from Facebook. The answer to the latter is clearer than the answer to the former, yet often

One of the two* most common questions we encounter with clients and prospective clients is about Facebook. Specifically, what data is actually available for searching and monitoring, and from whom? That’s because all social media monitoring platforms have revealed, perhaps reluctantly, that useful specific data which was previously available has

It’s always exciting to see a smart new social media monitoring product with jazzy new visuals and clever ideas like WYSIWYG geofencing. But just like many data visualisations, the buzz might be a lot greater than the substance. The purpose for which you intend to use these features, and the

Different social media monitoring platforms have different strengths and weaknesses. Having clear objectives and a clear development roadmap provides the basis for the most cost-effective investment in a platform which will support the desired level of maturity of use. While the application of advanced data science capabilities is not widespread in

Companies remain hamstrung by a limited view of social that focuses too much on social media marketing. Instead they need a more holistic view of what social means for the whole business. Social data is usually big data involving masses of data collected from social media. However it’s not big

This week the Australian Treasurer Joe Hockey won a phyrric victory in a defamation case against a newspaper publisher not for the articles which were published about him but on the basis of tweets which linked to the articles. Although commentators said that there is little novel about the ruling

The holy grail of social media marketing is to be able to channel content to influencers which resonates with them to the extent that they amplify such content into their networks — thus generating “earned media” at scale. The skill in maximising the return on investment for such content marketing lies