Velvet-Belle Templeman

Velvet-Belle Templeman

Velvet-Belle (VB) Templeman is a reporter and content producer at Boardroom.Media and Which-50, and the Minicast editor of Which-50

Most Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) companies say they don’t sell debt — but they will still sell your debt to a debt collector. And if the debt collector is not collecting debt, what’s it collecting? Such is the twisted game of semantic linguistics the BNPL sector plays as it

More than 50 per cent of global greenhouse gas emissions come from just eight global supply chains, with the food and construction industries making up 35 per cent of these emissions.  The figures are contained in a report by Boston Consulting Group (BCG). Register for Which-50’s Digital Acceleration and Sustainable

  Investing in automation, from packaging to robotics has been Booktopia’s digital transformation strategy. The company saw a massive influx of sales last year, and the only way to handle such a dramatic uptick was to automate. The $10 million investment in automation last year allowed the company to increase

Microsoft has just launched a virtual data centre tour, showcasing the company’s approach to sustainable operations. The virtual tour allows users to navigate through various rooms in the data centre, with click-throughs to educational tools such as infographics and 3D models. Learn more: Discover the Fastest Route to Carbon Neutral IT

  Platform businesses are leading in the uptake of subscription business models allowing these companies to fuel growth by more accurate forecasting and by providing better services to their customers. Hipages, its name stemming from Home Improvement Pages, is an Australian platform business that connects tradespeople with consumers. The company

  The private sector is beginning to understand its role in responding to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Boardroom.Media’s latest thought leadership series, Impact Pioneers: The Sustainable Corporates Series showcases companies that have put sustainability at the core of their business model and are, through their products or

Sustainability is a core operating principle for businesses, and it’s driving policies to lower carbon emissions. We asked NEXTDC CEO, Craig Scroggie, how organisations can make rapid progress towards a carbon neutral data centre. Download the Data Centre Sustainability whitepaper Read more – Attending To Environmental, Social And Corporate Governance

  As the energy market transitions to accommodate for the exit of coal and an increased focus on renewables and storage, the question is shifting from how much energy you can access to when you can access it. “Electrons, ” says Matt Baumgurtel,  Partner at Hamilton Locke,“Will basically be free.”

Who says Australia’s boards are anchored to old ways of thinking. All it took was a global pandemic to drag corporate Australia  into the 21st century last year with listed companies, for the first time, hosting entirely virtual Annual General Meetings (AGMs).  Computershare, a share registry that claims it manages

Even as digital transformation contributes to intensifying climate change due to burgeoning energy consumption, Australian CIOs are missing in action.  Hyperscalers and data centre operators are hoping they can change that, but at least initially it looks like they have a hard row to hoe just to engage IT executives,