Velvet-Belle Templeman

Velvet-Belle Templeman

Velvet-Belle (VB) Templeman is a reporter and content producer at Boardroom.Media and Which-50, and the Minicast editor of Which-50

Carbon offsets, made famous by airlines giving travellers the opportunity to compensate for the carbon footprint of their flights, are now gaining momentum outside aviation. The IT industry is taking note of consumer preferences to spend their money with companies that are transparent and sustainable. Lenovo’s CO2 Offset Services across

In a world of accelerating change, where organisations strive to build high-performing teams to deliver that winning edge, at what point does the desire for success give way to a toxic win-at-all-costs culture? One that treats staff as little more than expendable business inputs, as opposed to the genuine core

  It is the responsibility of any organisation working with vulnerable communities, like children, aged care or the disabled to ensure that they are safe, and protected from harm. However according to Claire Rogers, the CEO of the verification platform Oho, after completing all the checks and balances upon hiring

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While investment in digital has ramped up throughout the pandemic, research by Pegasystems shows that it may have come at the cost of lower quality of service. Pega commissioned research firm Savanta to conduct the global study, surveying 12,700 business leaders, agents and customers to understand the impact of the

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  As consumers demand visibility, transparency and consent as to who has the rights to their data, distrust towards brands and how they are using customer data has increased. In Australia, the Privacy Act is currently under review which should bring about heavier data privacy regulations, Google will be removing

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Unified commerce is levelling up from omnichannel, according to Adyen, the payments solution working to connect the backend systems of multiple payment channels.  Where omnichannel works to deliver cross-channel payments experiences to customers, Adyen says that backend systems are not always connected — which is where unified commerce steps in. 

As companies and countries race to net zero emissions, it is innovations in technology that will drive them there faster. Calix is an Australian company working on carbon capture through their core “kiln” technology. The company claims that the kiln works by separating CO2 by flash heating minerals in external

Gartner released the results of its annual CEO Survey overnight, showcasing the optimistic attitude of global CEOs — anticipating an economic boom, and seeing opportunity through digital in a post-COVID world. The survey was conducted online, and by phone and video interviews from July to December 2020 and included insights

AI will drive economic growth in the West

Data mapping is the process of determining and documenting the way personal information flows into, across, and outside of an organisation. Part 1 – Privacy: The Risks And How To Safeguard Against These To celebrate Privacy Awareness Week (3rd to the 9th of May) this year, privacy experts from technology

Amazon Web Services has announced the launch of its first accelerator for startups focussed on clean tech innovations.  AWS says that the startups it is looking to onboard must be “working with clean technology for energy storage, monitoring, carbon capture utilisation and storage (CCUS), seismic activity, hydrogen generation for energy,