Velvet-Belle Templeman

Velvet-Belle Templeman

Velvet-Belle (VB) Templeman is a reporter and content producer at Boardroom.Media and Which-50, and the Minicast editor of Which-50

Marketing ROI

Traditionally, determining the ROI of investments in technology has been seen as difficult to measure. Historically, there has been a cultural problem in Australia where executives have put too much emphasis on cost savings rather than the potential revenue or financial benefits of investing in tech. According to Ben Allard,

As the generational divide grows wider, leadership styles are undergoing a transformation.  The ability to achieve desired results from a team comes down to effective leadership. And according to Jason Price, ANZ VP and General Manager of IBM, it is a “humanistic” approach that will help leaders better understand their

The only way to get Boards to take cyber security seriously, it seems, is by bringing it back to the bottom line. Which-50 recently hosted a panel event with CyberArk interrogating this very theme, and according to panellist Jim McKerlie, CEO of enterprise performance management SaaS platform Kendo, it’s a

Leading Edge is working to connect regional Australia, while reducing emissions through the solar structure encasing its data centres.  The company was recently awarded at the Datacloud Global Awards 2021 for the ‘Edge Award‘, which celebrates “Innovation in delivering superior user experience in connectivity and interconnections for Edge Data Centres”.  While

DeliverIT provides a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)-based platform for takeaway and delivery restaurants around Australia, but strong demand, especially during the crucial weekend period, puts teams under pressure. By working with AC3 to optimise its AWS public cloud environment, the company was able to improve the experience for both its own customers

One of the pandemic’s harshest lessons for businesses was a severe lack of scenario planning. According to Accenture, this meant that when the crunch came, supply chains were unprepared for disruption. Carter McNabb, Managing Director of Supply Chain & Operations at Accenture, says that one of the key ways that

If the global upheaval of the pandemic taught us anything, it’s that resilient businesses prioritise digital — or, more specifically, data. Businesses either embarked on a digital transformation journey pre-COVID, putting them in good stead when the pandemic hit, or they pivoted fast. It was sink or swim. According to

Key findings from the Lowy Institute’s Climate Poll 2021 released today show that Australians are more concerned about climate change than they were this time last year. The research, conducted by the Social Research Centre, involved both online and telephone surveys of 3286 Australian adults to better understand Australian attitudes

Brand versus performance marketing

The key to success in cloud based enterprise resource planning (ERP) is to synch all facets of a business. That’s the view of Evan Goldberg, Oracle NetSuite Founder and EVP. NetSuite recently announced a range of updates to enhance the flagship product’s financial, inventory and operational capabilities, designed to provide

Savings, salary, money

The Hays Salary Guide released last week shows a misalignment between employee expectation and employer intention when it comes to wages. According to the report, based on a survey of approximately 3500 organisations, 65 per cent of technology employers are set to increase salaries in the next review. However, only