Tess Bennett

Tess Bennett

Tess Bennett is the editor of Which-50 and is responsible for leading the publication’s daily coverage of Australia's digital businesses for C-Suite executives, strategists, founders and directors. At Which-50 Tess reports on a broad range of topics including technology, the industrial internet, analytics and digital marketing.

Martin Hosking

If you’ve sat through any technology-based event in the last few years, no doubt you’ll have heard things like, “Uber, the world’s largest taxi company which owns no vehicles” or “Airbnb, the world’s largest accommodation provider that owns no hotels”. * Download the CMO of Tomorrow report produced by the Which-50 Intelligence

Visual analytics

Knowing what image will help you sell more products to which audience and where your logo is appearing around the web are just two examples of how insights from visual analytics software can drive growth for businesses. “Driven by the increasing use of smartphones, people today are more visually literate

If only banks would accept Facebook shares in lieu of cash for a house deposit, young Australians might have a shot at affording a home to call their own. It’s been four days since demographer Bernard Salt kicked off a national “smashed avocado” intergenerational smackdown with his column in The

email marketing

It may not be fashionable but email marketing is effective, and it’s getting smarter. That’s the view of Daniel Incandela, VP of Global Marketing for email marketing company Return Path. “Everyone speaks of email’s demise or they talk about account based marketing or social being the next hot thing, but

Famous for its roadside assistance, the NRMA is preparing for a future where cars never breakdown. In 1920, the NSW branch of the National Roads Association (NRA) was born and in 1923 became the National Roads and Motorists’ Association (NRMA), the following year the NRMA Patrol service began, building a

Stripe co-founder John Collison

Having expanded to 25 international markets in its first five years, online payments platform Stripe has learnt commerce is cultural. Discussing Stripe’s international expansion agenda during a media visit to the company’s San Francisco headquarters last week, Billy Alvarado, Stripe’s chief business officer, said it was critical to build a single

Following its acquisition of Demandware for $US2.8 billion, Salesforce has unveiled its cloud offering that it hopes will allow the company to get a foot through retailers’ doors. As one retail analyst Which-50 spoke to during Dreamforce put it, with Demandware (now known as Commerce Cloud), Salesforce now has a

Dreamforce 2016

The convergence of adtech and martech will present a challenge to traditional digital advertising as ad dollars are spent targeting individuals, argues Eric Stahl SVP product marketing for Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Speaking with Which-50 between sessions at Dreamforce in San Francisco one day after announcing its intention to acquire data

Cecilia Stallsmith, platform marketing manager at software company Slack, is very excited about the future of chatbots in the workplace. “We see a tonne of promise for bots because they can help you to reduce friction within your work day,” Stallsmith said, while speaking to media during a visit to

grocery delivery

Online sales at Coles are up 25 per cent year-on-year, driven by a commitment to customer service says Stuart Freer, GM Digital IT and User Experience at Coles. “At Coles Online we are actually growing at 25 per cent annually. That’s something that we are managing very carefully, because when