Tess Bennett

Tess Bennett

Tess Bennett is the editor of Which-50 and is responsible for leading the publication’s daily coverage of Australia's digital businesses for C-Suite executives, strategists, founders and directors. As the former editor of Internet Retailing Australia and journalist for Inside Retail, Tess has five years experience covering retail and ecommerce. At Which-50 Tess reports on a broad range of topics including technology, the industrial internet, analytics and digital marketing.

Stripe co-founder John Collison

Having expanded to 25 international markets in its first five years, online payments platform Stripe has learnt commerce is cultural. Discussing Stripe’s international expansion agenda during a media visit to the company’s San Francisco headquarters last week, Billy Alvarado, Stripe’s chief business officer, said it was critical to build a single

Following its acquisition of Demandware for $US2.8 billion, Salesforce has unveiled its cloud offering that it hopes will allow the company to get a foot through retailers’ doors. As one retail analyst Which-50 spoke to during Dreamforce put it, with Demandware (now known as Commerce Cloud), Salesforce now has a

Dreamforce 2016

The convergence of adtech and martech will present a challenge to traditional digital advertising as ad dollars are spent targeting individuals, argues Eric Stahl SVP product marketing for Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Speaking with Which-50 between sessions at Dreamforce in San Francisco one day after announcing its intention to acquire data

Cecilia Stallsmith, platform marketing manager at software company Slack, is very excited about the future of chatbots in the workplace. “We see a tonne of promise for bots because they can help you to reduce friction within your work day,” Stallsmith said, while speaking to media during a visit to

grocery delivery

Online sales at Coles are up 25 per cent year-on-year, driven by a commitment to customer service says Stuart Freer, GM Digital IT and User Experience at Coles. “At Coles Online we are actually growing at 25 per cent annually. That’s something that we are managing very carefully, because when

The North Face

Yesterday Which-50 had some fun playing with IBM’s artificial intelligence engine Watson, in particular the personality insights tool. That exercise was inspired by a presentation delivered by Kevin Bishop, VP of customer engagement solutions, at the IBM Customer Engagement Forum in Sydney last week. Bishop outlined what role cognitive technologies


In a world where the mantra “fail fast, fail often” is championed, what exactly is an acceptable failure rate for pilot projects in retail financial services? A study conducted on behalf of Pegasystems, Marketforce and Cognizant put this question to 500 retail financial services and insurance industry executives across 56


Eighteen months ago the idea of social commerce, selling via a social media platform, was dismissed as too Amway-esque, ie if you try to sell to your friends they’ll get sick of you pretty quickly. Instead of conversions, engagement was the name of game and brands focused on building their


When it comes to implementing enterprise-wide digital transformation programs Australian businesses are overstating their achievements, according to a new study from research firm Tech Research Asia. The report, Taking Digital to the Next Level, found Australian businesses are talking to the talk, acknowledging the critical importance of digital, but may

Being 70 years old is no excuse for board members not to understand their company’s cyber security risk, argues Jennifer Westacott, chief executive of Business Council Australia. Speaking at Sinet 61 event in Sydney yesterday, Westacott said the responsibility for cyber security ultimately sits at the top of the organisation.