Tess Bennett

Tess Bennett

Tess Bennett is the editor of Which-50 and is responsible for leading the publication’s daily coverage of Australia's digital businesses for C-Suite executives, strategists, founders and directors. As the former editor of Internet Retailing Australia and journalist for Inside Retail, Tess has five years experience covering retail and ecommerce. At Which-50 Tess reports on a broad range of topics including technology, the industrial internet, analytics and digital marketing.

Daniel Zhang, CEO of Alibaba Group

It’s estimated Amazon’s Prime Day generated $1 billion revenue this year. The question now is, can Jack Ma’s ecommerce giant do that every hour for 24 hours? Now in its 9th year, Singles’ Day, also known as “Double 11”, is already the world’s largest online shopping event and it’s set

You’ve probably heard the phrase “data is the new oil” being used to describe the competitive advantage behind the world’s most valuable companies. According to Gartner analyst Doug Laney comparing information to oil ignores the unique economic characteristics that makes it valuable in the first place. Sign up for Which-50’s

The Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD) has launched a new cyber security education program for directors and executives. Developed in partnership with CSIRO’s Data61, the new cyber curriculum is part of the broader push to lift the overall digital literacy of Australian business leaders. Launching the program at an

Businesses need to look for a diverse range of backgrounds, skills and experiences when hiring their analytics teams. “It’s striking that businesses sit down and embark on staffing up an analytics centre of excellence and they find all the same people,” says Mike Frost, Director of Cloud and Platform Technologies

Stethoscope, X-Ray, healthcare

A broad analysis of ehealth initiatives from around the world reveals a similar set of goals. The challenges, however, are numerous and varied. The healthcare industry has a supply and demand problem. To cope, organisations are increasingly turning to digital initiatives to change the delivery of healthcare services. “Chief Economist

Customer experience can no longer be separated from technology. Realising this superannuation company Sunsuper has created a group which combines the two. Teifi Whatley is the Executive GM Customer & Technology Sunsuper, a role which combines the responsibilities of the CMO and the CIO. “The rationale behind bringing a group

Gartner has identified the top 10 digital disruptors in the Asia Pacific region. Lesser known than their Silicon Valley counterparts and rapidly expanding, Australian business leaders ought to familiarise themselves with these companies. “Ignoring them is not an option,” warned CK Lu, research director at Gartner, who presented the list

Talent and culture are critical to digital transformation success, but CIOs will need to get creative when it comes to finding ways of coping with the looming skills shortage in areas like AI and digital security. Speaking at the opening keynote of the Gartner Symposium on the Gold Coast Senior

industrial internet

It is the forgotten revolution of the internet era, and yet the industrial sector has made major strides by embracing the transformative impact of digital technologies. Digital oil fields now allow companies to remotely monitor and manage assets, predictive analytics is recasting the economics of machine maintenance, and, the mining

Smartphone, TV, advertising

Late last year Seven Group Holdings (SGH) acquired a 28 per cent stake in an Australian advertising attribution and analytics start-up called Impulse Screen Media (ISM). SGH has set aside capital to invest in new technology companies that it believes have the potential to disrupt the market in some of its