Tess Bennett

Tess Bennett

Tess Bennett is the editor of Which-50 and is responsible for leading the publication’s daily coverage of Australia's digital businesses for C-Suite executives, strategists, founders and directors. At Which-50 Tess reports on a broad range of topics including technology, the industrial internet, analytics and digital marketing.

Amazon Prime

Amazon’s Prime Day kicks off in Australia for the first time today. It’s the latest in a series of global shopping events to infiltrate the local market, boosting traffic and online sales as well as adding new pricing pressures to local retailers. Starting in 2015, Amazon’s artificial holiday began with

Telstra LTE-B on the left; unicast on the right

The amount of video consumers watch on their mobile devices is growing at an exponential rate. Weekend traffic from the AFL Live Official app on Telstra’s network has grown three fold since 2016 and on any given weekend, Australian sports fans consume 37 million minutes of live content over Telstra’s

Facebook is facing a possible class action lawsuit in Australia and small fines in the UK, as the fallout from the Cambridge Analytica scandal continues.   First to the UK where Britain’s privacy watchdog has announced it plans to fine Facebook  £500,000 for failing to keep its users’ information safe.

Hand Holding Flashlight, Dollar sign

Programmatic advertising pioneer MediaMath has raised $225 million from investment firm Searchlight Capital Partners. The financing, which will be delivered in two tranches, will provide capital to accelerate the expansion of MediaMath’s Demand Side Platform and Data Management Platform through acquisitions and organic growth. Founded in 2007, MediaMath has raised

Neglecting brand to focus on short term outcomes like sales will hurt revenue over time, according to new research from Deloitte. That view is shared by Tourism Australia CMO, Lisa Ronson. “You can’t have a robust sales outcome without a strong brand, it just doesn’t happen,” Ronson said. “Consumers need

Professional women

Imagine a juggler with 20 balls in the air, balanced on one leg, and beset on all sides by unreasonable people, each of whom desperately wants to add just one more ball to the mix. And the juggler has only two words in their vocabulary when asked to explain if

Fleet Space Technologies CEO Flavia Tata Nardini

Running a start-up is never smooth sailing, but when your start-up happens to involve launching rockets into space then there are some additional hurdles to overcome. Based in South Australia, Fleet Space Technologies, is preparing to launch its first nanosatellites (pictured above, right) later this year which will establish a

Following the launch of its subscription service Prime, Amazon is bringing its made up sales day to Australia for the first time. Prime Day (which is actually 36 hours long) will kick off on 16 July at 12pm AEST and run until midnight on 17 July. Sign up for Which-50’s

Facebook Here Together Campaign

You are probably aware of recent revelations of data misuse at Facebook, like the quiz app that leaked Facebook data of 120 million users or the data-sharing deals Facebook told US Congress about in a 747-page document released last Friday. This is the context for the company’s national brand campaign, launched

We live in a disrupted age. For those already struggling, the situation is unlikely to improve.  Indeed, listen to management consultants like McKinsey and Company, and they will tell you all value chains will be disrupted. But we are not so much accelerating towards entropy, as replacing an old order