Tess Bennett

Tess Bennett

Tess Bennett is the editor of Which-50 and is responsible for leading the publication’s daily coverage of Australia's digital businesses for C-Suite executives, strategists, founders and directors. As the former editor of Internet Retailing Australia and journalist for Inside Retail, Tess has five years experience covering retail and ecommerce. At Which-50 Tess reports on a broad range of topics including technology, the industrial internet, analytics and digital marketing.

By the end of 2009, the GFC was already retreating into the rearview mirror, ushering in a new decade which would see ecommerce and mobile technologies take hold, and money pouring in venture-backed start-ups like Facebook, Uber, and AirBnB. That created a new generation of cashed-up disruptors looking for incumbents

One of the most compelling themes of the digital sector over the last 10 years is the rise of the API economy. While the global giants are all well known, the path they traveled created a new way of thinking about business and stands along-side smart mobility as the most

The mobile app experiences provided by Australia’s private health insurers deliver a basic suite of features to members, but not much more according to a new report, which argues digital strategies could help rescue funds from their current ‘death spiral.’  Earlier this year Grattan Institute said the industry is in

Optus customers can now gift their excess data to young Australians living in poverty as part of a new initiative launched this week.  The Donate Your Data program aims to address the digital divide between Australians who don’t have the resources to fully participate in work, study or access everyday

Google headquarters London

Google’s existing CEO Sundar Pichai is now also parent company Alphabet, following the departure of the company’s co-founders from the top of the organisation.  Larry Page is stepping down as CEO of Alphabet, while Sergey Brin is vacating his role as President of the company. Sign up for Which-50’s Irregular

Broader legislative reforms are required to protect consumers using loyalty schemes, according to the ACCC’s final report into customer loyalty schemes released today. The ACCC commenced its review of customer loyalty schemes in early 2019, and identified significant problems with the programs which include frequent flyer, supermarket and credit card

The scheduled launch of Australia’s open banking regime is just two months away, however new research shows three-quarters of Australians haven’t heard of the incoming data portability scheme and half are concerned about the security of their data. Open Banking is a government and regulator-led scheme which mandates banks share

Despite a decade of disruption, Australia’s largest public companies of 2009 are still holding on to their positions at the top of the ASX100.  Australia’s newly-listed tech companies are starting to replace some of the traditional incumbents, but their failure to build genuine scale offshore is slowing their rise up


Chinese internet conglomerate Tencent is targeting Australian and New Zealand marketing budgets, offering a suite of digital advertising tools to reach mainland Chinese consumers.  Ian Chan, Head of Business Development, Tencent International Business Group, a division under Tencent Holdings Limited which is responsible for expanding business such as its cloud

Uber is facing an uncertain future in London after the ride-sharing company’s licence was revoked overnight for a series of failures which risked passenger safety.  UK regulators determined Uber was not fit to hold a private hire operator licence due to “a pattern of failures” which included 14,000 trips conducted