Stanislas Nouveau

Stanislas Nouveau

Australian consumers have bought into the idea of the connected home — but they are most concerned about the price. That’s the verdict of a survey commissioned by network-security outfit Fortinet. According to a study — part of a global survey called “Internet of Things: Connected Home” — 53 per

As power shifts to consumers the lines between the buyer and seller will start to blur, according to PriceWaterhouseCoopers partner David Doyle. “Everyone is connected to the Internet by smartphones. Everyone has expectations in terms of how they interact with consumer products, with retailers or with telecoms companies across multiple

Australians will buy 5.6 million new smartphones during the second half of 2014, according to research released by Telsyte. The total number of smartphones sold will exceed ten million for the first time, Telsyte managing director Foad Fadaghi told Which-50. According to the study, the majority of sales will be

Consumers are demonstrating a willingness to engage with mobile advertising to such an extent that mobile clicks have now almost drawn level with PC-based advertising clicks. And when the lens focuses on sales, Android is delivering more bucks that iOS. These are two of the headline findings of the Criteo

We like to think of smart mobility as the great transformative idea of the moment — and that is not an unfair assessment. But we shouldn’t lose sight of the fact that mobile’s killer app is gaming. Likewise Twitter — for all the weighty discourse of its impact on society

Well, nobody said it would be easy. Chief Marketing Officers say their ability deliver to a truly integrated omni-channel experience for consumers is going backwards. And, having rushed into analytics at the behest of the baying of consultants, they now report increasing levels of disappointment with their data science alchemists.

“All that is useful is ugly” according to the French poet Théophile Gauthier, who believed that all beautiful things were useless since they did not have direct utility. He would not have lasted long in the fast-growing wearables market. According to a paper from L2 Business Intelligence for Digital called

Customers are an unreasonable lot, and digital has made them more so. They want their information when it suits them, and they want seamless integration across the whole omni-channel experience — shops, call centres, mobiles, computers and tablets. Marketers need to tap that sentiment to sell more widgets, and companies