Stanislas Nouveau

Stanislas Nouveau

The latest forecasts by Ovum highlight the continuing solid growth of the machine-to-machine market. Long term, the opportunity is huge — the total market place isexpected to reach $US66 billion by 2019. As for the cellular market, Ovum says it will bring in a total of $US252 billion for the 2015–19

The development of digital payments in the world’s emerging economies will help boost growth and will address issues of financial individual empowerment, says a report by the World Bank Development Research Group (WBDRG). “The benefits of digital payments go well beyond the convenience many people in developed economies associate with

As companies work to turn big data into big profits, the CMO/CIO collaboration has become more important than ever — but it remains a relationship potentially full of peril. Now McKinsey & Company has outlined what it describes as the five prerequisites for a successful relationship. Authors Matt Ariker, Martin

The smart application of digital technologies like big data and analytics offers a rich seam of productivity improvement for the oil and gas industry worldwide, according to a paper by McKinsey & Company. Called “Digitizing Oil and Gas Production” and written by Stefano Martinotti, Jim Nolten, and Jens Arne Steinsbø,

On cue, the dominoes fall. Firstly digital media consumption on mobile overtook desktop consumption. Now, according to the latest study out of comScore, the majority of all digital media time in the US is now spent on mobile apps. But apps have not yet pulled the advertising revenue along behind

Online media consumption is still growing around the world, and now exceeds traditional media in most countries — although not yet in Australia. A recent study called “Digital vs traditional media consumption”, conducted by the global web index, found that since 2012, online media (social media, online press, TV, and radio)

Programmatic video advertising has surged to such an extent in Australia that local advertisers bought more video ad inventory in Australia than US advertisers bought in the US last quarter — at least on the TubeMogul platform. The latest TubeMogul second-quarter report shows that Australia is leading the world in

A report on the imapct of digital of the European economy argues that, while the vast majority of businesses see the potential in digital to support growth, they are still too focused on using digital investments to drive efficiencies rather than on making their products and services digital. According to

As Europe’ s economies emerge from the long lag of the GFC, investments in digital technologies will be critical to boost productivity – and to keep a competitive check on US, China and the emerging world. However, according to a new Accenture report, countries in the EU have some natural

Apple lost its leadership of the Australian tablet market in the first half of this year in terms of unit sales. But it remains clearly dominant when the dollars are tallied, capturing a 70 per cent share of the loot according to new research by Telsyte. And indeed Android’s moment