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Which-50 has a floating pool of irregular contributors, snoopers and scoopers

Still baffled by Donald Trump’s election victory? Well, Trump’s data team leader, Matt Oczkowski, is coming to Australia in April to share his insights into how analytics helped Trump win the 2016 US election. Oczkowski, who is the head of product for British company Cambridge Analytica, will be one of

Exploration of maritime protected areas, evolving collaboration between unmanned vehicles and the calibration of long-baseline positioning systems will drive the growth of unmanned surface vehicles, according to a study by TechNavio. The research group’s latest report on the global unmanned surface vehicle (USV) market provides an analysis of the most

Despite expectations that the first “digitally native” generation would want to shop online, a new study released today by IBM and the National Retail Federation in the US found that almost all members of Generation Z prefer to shop in bricks-and-mortar stores.  With the global Gen Z population set to

Amazon AI

Finding a decent data scientist for less than the price of a deposit on a Sydney harbour side home is almost impossible these days. But that could change quickly and dramatically due to automation, according to research analysts at Gartner. More than 40 per cent of data science tasks will

The high-end smartwatch market is faltering, but ‘smart analogue’ or hybrid watches remain largely unaffected by this market slow-down, according to a  new study from Juniper Research. These hybrid watches have traditional watch faces but offer some connected functions (like tracking steps or enabling NFC payments), and claim a larger portion

From today Uber will start mapping Australian streets, beginning with the Gold Coast, in an effort to build its own street data and reduce its reliance on third-party maps. Similar to Google, Uber is equipping cars with mapping devices to record traffic patterns and the location of popular pick-up and

As cars morph into computers and vehicles shift from being products to services, who will control the operating system? It is not an inconsequential question. Microsoft owned the desktop through the 1980’s and 90’s but Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS destroyed its monopoly on the most common personal IT product

Tech giants continue to dominate the top of the Boston Consulting Group’s list of most innovative companies in 2016. While traditional manufacturers and process-driven companies, such as General Electric, secured their spots by embracing digital innovation. Apple, Google, Tesla, and Microsoft retain the top four spots on the annual list,

, a 2.7 per cent increase which is lower than the analysts’ earlier prediction of 3 per cent. “2017 was poised to be a rebound year in IT spending. Some major trends have converged, including cloud, blockchain, digital business and artificial intelligence. Normally, this would have pushed IT spending much

Following Alibaba’s promise to create 1 million new jobs in the US in five years, Amazon has made a less ambitious pledge to create more than 100,000 new full-time jobs in the US over the next 18 months. Amazon has grown its US workforce from 30,000 employees in 2011 to