Simon Robinson

Simon Robinson

Simon Robinson has been a risk management professional for 21 years. He received a Master’s Degree in Information Security and Intelligence, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Science from Edith Cowan University, Perth.
Simon is the Managing Director of I-RISQ Pty Ltd and has consulted extensively for Local and Overseas Television Networks, Offshore Maritime, Mining and Environment, Law Enforcement, the Middle East, and contemporary Cyber Threat Intelligence Analysis.

It's time to prepare for the supply chain oft he future.

Moving goods around the globe has always had its challenges. From a ship stuck in a canal to unpredictable international and domestic border closures, recent years have supplied an even greater test to what we thought we knew about supply chains. According to EY’s think tank, EYQ, the current linear

On Monday, the world’s largest meat processing company, JBS Foods, announced that they were targeted by cyber attackers which resulted in shutting down productions temporarily in Australia and at their overseas locations. The source and origin of the cyber attackers are unknown to the public at this stage, nor have

Ireland experienced the most significant cyber attack in the country’s history last Friday, after a ransomware attack hit the Health Services Executive, (HSE), crippling IT systems for the last week. The incident is the latest in the recent in a spate of global ransomware attacks upon critical infrastructure and services.

Facebook’s proposed enhanced encryption  will create opportunities of anonymity for online criminals and extremists, UK Security Services argue. The Daily Mail reports that during a recent interview with the new head of the UK Security Service, MI5 Chief Ken McCallum suggested Facebook’s initiative to adopt end-to-end encrypted messaging may provide

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DarkSide, responsible for the Colonial Pipeline cyber-attack is said to be disbanding, and also suggests it will refrain from distributing hacking tools to its customers who intend to use the tools on critical infrastructure. The group has apparently shut down its dark web site. The criminal syndicate has enjoyed some

Organisations must stand accountable for lax investment and application of cyber security. Those sectors responsible for maintaining critical infrastructure must prioritise and anticipate these types of cyber threats in accordance with prevailing international cyber-crime trends and supported by the latest threat intelligence available. This intelligence must be shared by Governments

The cyber attack on the Colonial Pipeline indicative of a ransomware attack and has since been described as the most significant and successful attack on US Energy Infrastructure to date. Its immediate target was Colonial’s business computer systems and is expected to delay the supply of product to the Eastern

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In recent weeks, news broke of another major phishing scam involving an unknown threat group targeting senior Australian diplomats in an identity theft scheme. The plan was to impersonate the diplomats on encrypted messaging services Telegram and WhatsApp, with the intent of collecting information from their contact books, as reported

The recent spate of cyber-attacks affecting Channel Nine, hospitals in Melbourne’s East and Parliament are indicative of escalating intent and motivation by foreign state-based actors and cyber-criminals to disrupt, steal, or deny access to data. The situation effects many organisations and businesses that supply or support critical infrastructure and services.

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At the end of March, cybersecurity breaches were reported across the Nine Media network and, almost simultaneously, at Parliament House in Canberra. While the disruption in Canberra was neither as severe — staff were unable to access their email — nor as visible as the breach at Nine, the nature