Sean Campbell

Sean Campbell

Sean Campbell is a solutions consultant for Aprimo who has worked with leading brands in the US, Europe, and APAC helping them to transform their marketing operations.

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Compliance is a growing concern for marketers but risks can be minimised with good marketing operations, according to Jon Williams, senior vice president international, Aprimo. “Most marketers work under some form of compliance, and really what we try and do with good marketing operations is to make that as easy

Removing and automating the “drudgery” of marketing operations frees up one of a marketer’s most valuable resources, their time, according to Jon Williams, senior vice president international, Aprimo. Williams talked with Which-50 about the benefits that good marketing operations can bring to an organisation. Chief among them is the ability


If marketing is still considered just a “right brain” activity in your organisation, Aprimo’s Chief Product Officer, Kevin Souers, insists that using customer stories told via underlying sales and marketing data are key to driving cultural change. As more and more organisations adopt customer-centric strategies, the ability to form an

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Simple conversion rates are not enough to measure true marketing return on investment, says Aprimo’s Chief Product Officer, Kevin Souers, suggesting marketers instead map out the entire customer journey if they want to fully understand where their money is working hardest. Traditional methods of measuring marketing success generally direct every

“Marketing is in an interesting situation due to the explosion of consumer experiences.” That’s the view of Kevin Souers, Aprimo’s Chief Product Officer, who says consumers now expect a highly unified experience, where their online and offline worlds neatly converge. This outcome is in turn driven by the service-based app

​Energise Your Partner Channel with Strong Marketing Support

Almost six out of ten marketing executives say that local marketing is essential to business growth and profitability, according to the CMO Council. With that in mind, it is little wonder that marketing leaders are paying attention to the importance of local partners. A new ebook from Aprimo called “Guide

Marketers say measuring return on investment is at the top of their agenda, but almost four out of five admit they are not doing it successfully. It is one more headache for a profession that is expected to have robust commercial as well as creative skills. Take our Which-50 reader

Marketers like to think of their craft as art and science in equal measure. But what happens when the process — the science — of marketing impedes the creative flow. For many creative staff, the systems they have to endure make the process of delivering great experiences frustrating and expensive.

Do you know every dollar on a first-name basis? If you are managing a marketing budget across multiple channels, and negotiating with business managers, C-suite executives and channel partners, the answer is most likely no. In fact, much of the data you need to properly understand the drivers of cost

Traditional marketing plans often allow no room for change or necessary shifts. To make matters worse, proving ROI is often challenging and elusive. Increasingly though, this static, somewhat antiquated approach is becoming a thing of the past. On this flip side however, simply relying on agile, iterative planning — without