Scott Mirabello

Scott Mirabello

Scott is the Principal Mobile Consultant for Oracle Marketing Cloud in APAC. Scott has been consulting in technology and marketing for 16 years and is responsible for the education and adoption of mobile marketing.

Don’t think about mobile as another marketing channel. Instead, start thinking about it as the customer. That will give you an edge over your local competitors because while Australia is generally considered the digital marketing leader in the Asia Pacific, on mobile we lag our peers in the region. Partly

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CMOs and marketing leaders often see their campaign spending proposals float through budget meetings with little scrutiny, only to find much smaller requests for development attract painful and often irrational attention. A big part of the problem is that marketers have become much better at describing and validating digital marketing

Mobile devices have fundamentally changed the way people do everything from communicate to read the news. Mobile marketing reflects the new ways consumers buy products and services — and the changes are happening at breakneck speed. The numbers involved are staggering. Research shows that, in Australia, 55 per cent of people