Sahar Yazdani

Sahar Yazdani

Toronto based Sahar Yazdani is a journalist for Which-50 and the production editor of the weekly Which-50 Irregular Insights newsletter and Pulse Blog.

It turns out Aussie consumers have a problem with commitment… or at least a greater tendency than their peers overseas to abandon virtual shopping carts. Almost sixty per cent (57) are discarding their carts sometimes or all the time, particularly in the product categories of fashion (67 per cent) and

Annual spending on CAD (computer aided diagnosis) systems will reach $800 million globally by 2022, as AI (artificial intelligence) start-ups exert greater impact on healthcare delivery. The figures are contained in a new study by Juniper Research. Sign up for Which-50’s Irregular Insights newsletter Driven by the improved accuracy and usability

Marketers need to engage in protective measures when buying in-app ads, according to new research that identified significant mobile ad fraud in both certified and uncertified apps. Ad fraud appears on 52 per cent of uncertified apps and in 8 per cent of certified app traffic, according to a new

Global retailers can expect 12 per cent growth in online fraudulent activity in the upcoming holiday season, compared with the same period last year — and lower ticket prices on fraudster-targeted gifts and products. That’s the analysis which falls out of new benchmark data from ACI Worldwide. Sign up for

Having bubbled away beneath the radar these past few years, account based marketing (ABM) has burst into view in 2016. Which-50 reporters have attended nearly a dozen international marketing tech conferences since February this year and account based marketing has featured prominently in most of these. Last year it did not rate

The customer is not always right, but they must be heard — so says business strategist Jay Baer. To do this, companies need to flip their view of complaints as a problem and instead see them as a gift. “People who complain are actually taking their time to tell us

Marketers are shifting their focus from content creation to content experience. That’s the view of Uberflip CEO and co-founder, Yoav Schwartz. He was speaking at the company’s Uberflip Experience (UFX) conference currently underway in Toronto. According to Schwartz there is no shortage of high quality content, however “It’s not just

Westpac is the world leader in mobile banking functionality, according to a global rating from Forrester Research.  In Forrester’s annual Global Mobile Banking Benchmark, the bank — one of Australia’s Big Four — scored an impressive 86 out of 100 in the evaluation. The global industry average was 65. It was just

The Internet Advertising Bureau has appointed Vijay Solanki as its new CEO in Australia. Solanki, who previously ran the digital transformation program at Southern Cross Austereo as Chief Digital Officer, will start work in August. In what feels a little like a tacit admission of its failure to read the mood on matters

Retweet Report: If Tweets were bucks Zayn Malik would be a gazillionaire Boy band royalty and One Direction stalwart Zayn Malik called time on his involvement in one of Twitter’s biggest conversation starters, and predictably the microblogging network went into meltdown. The only surprising thing was that the 1D shocker