Raz Chorev

Raz Chorev

Raz Chorev is a partner and CMO at Orange Sky

In our last blog post, I talked about GDPR – the idea of consent, and how to get started with a GDPR compliance strategy. While those were the basics and a good starting point for marketers, there are a number of specifics and nuances that need to be understood. Even if

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into effect on 25 May, 2018. This is designed to give EU citizens more control over their personal data — how it is collected, stored, and processed by companies. Here’s what it essentially means for marketers: Across our sign-up forms and landing pages,

Future of the CMO

In the past two weeks, we’ve witnessed two of the largest consumer brands losing their CMOs. Coca Cola’s Global CMO was let go due to a restructure, and in Australia Unilever’s CMO was made redundant. This topic flamed a conversation with a potential partner, as he challenged the relevance of

Digital transformation

For the past decade or so, the constant obsession with new technologies and tools has lead to the loss of focus within the marketing department, with marketers trying to “keep up” with trending tactics and forgetting marketing basics. It was all too exciting to chase the new shiny object —

Every business needs a well-articulated marketing strategy, strategic direction, a great vision, and a detailed execution plan. That’s just the baseline required for businesses to become and remain successful. However, planning alone obviously isn’t enough. Every business needs a creative marketing execution team, coordinated by a senior executive, to keep

Digital marketing

A recent study published by Salesforce.com, uncovered traits and characteristics of Top Performing marketing teams from around the world. The survey illustrated the shift in marketing focus, depicting the make up of a top performing marketing team – what they focus on, which environment they play in, their collaboration practices,