Paul Cross

Technology is an enabler. It helps to deliver the goal, but it should never be an end in itself. Too many marketers still think that their troubles end when they turn on the machine. Worse, they cede too decision making to technology professionals while underestimating the opportunity to drive significant

CMO of Tomorrow

Marketers have always been measured but their accountabilities have evolved in recent years and are now more aligned with business goals than with narrow campaign goals. Financial outcomes, technology platforms and executive leadership feature highly on the CMOs to do list. Follow the money Marketing metrics have often been proxies

Marketing technology infrastructure

The most successful CMOs understand that putting customers at the center of marketing requires more than just a technology purchase. Having observed hundreds of marketing technology decisions by brands, it’s clear  that the best practitioners follow familiar paths to success. • Equip yourself with the knowledge before you start talking

marketing technology

Brands have always wanted to put customers at the center of their marketing. The convergence of three technology developments now gives marketers the opportunity to do this; Marketers can continually build profiles of customer or prospects fusing together the different devices, logins, social platforms, loyalty or ecommerce systems. Almost anywhere

  Smart marketers are learning to decode online behaviour by engaging with potential customers early in the buying process to gain competitive advantage. The trick is to be able to read the clues accurately and early — to be able to understand consumers’ digital body language. In simple terms, digital

  In the world of digital disruption, the consumer is king. The truly disruptive impact of the internet is much less about new channels than it is about empowering buyers through frictionless information flows and exceptional online experiences. This disruption is occurring at massive scale — and at the dizzying