niki waldegrave

niki waldegrave

Jodie Sangster, CEO of ADMA, is urging Australian incumbents to “stop investing in technology if you’ve not got a strategy” and instead focus on delivering a great customer experience by getting the basics right. Sangster, who is speaking on day one of B&T’s Daze of Disruption event, hosted by The

Jodie Sangster, CEO of the Association for Data-Driven Marketing and Advertising( ADMA), says the key to being a successful disruptor is simply taking customer pain points and fixing them and is eyeing-up real estate as disruption’s next target. With Uber and Airbnb currently flying the digital disruption flag we can only hope

Capgemini’s global digital business lead Didier Bonnet says warns it is the giant dotcoms like Google, Facebook and Apple who are the real and  massive threat to banks and insurance companies. The reason: customer disintermediation. Banking is currently being profoundly disrupted, with large companies attacking some of its sectors, including

The rage over ad blocking continues, with Phil Ely, Lowe Profero’s Asia-Pacific Head of Communications going head-to-head with Rocket Fuel’s ANZ Managing Director, JJ Eastwood. Sydney digital agency Holler recently argued that the industry should embrace ad blocking technology (and gave reasons why), prompting the head of the IAB in

The Guardian’s in-house analytics tool Ophan looks set to be a huge money-spinner for the news site, with the publisher eyeing-up its potential to bring in not just ad revenue but also to license or sell on to other companies. Built almost four years ago by The Guardian’s director of architecture, Graham Tackley,