Mike Gee

Mike Gee

One of Australia's most respected and experienced media experts, Mike Gee is a multi-award winning journalist, editor, photographer, broadcaster, author and columnist with 40 years experience in all forms of print and online publishing.

In today’s digital world it has become critical to incorporate secure, personalised, and fully integrated self-service capabilities into every digital interaction. It’s no use updating an old, limited system with technology that can’t grow into the future as user needs develop and change. Internally or externally that won’t cut in

coffee couch using tablet tablet customer smartphone devices

Customer experience sounds like a glib throwaway phrase used to try and hook a business into either buying a new sales system or marketing plan. After all, it’s obvious isn’t it – keep the customer happy they buy more. Surely, it’s as simple as adding comfy chairs and good coffee

Brand tribe

Building a brand tribe is not easy. It requires a clear understand of what motivates tribe members to share content with each other and it requires a vigilance to ensure the tribe is supported and the connection between members are maintained. Brand Tribes are created around shared values and passions