Mike Green

Mike Green

Mike Green is the CEO of KINSHIP digital and co-author of the Chatter Report

Mobility is dominating much of the marketing planning at the moment as brands play catch up with consumer preference. And the change has been swift. As we’ve have noted before, only two years ago Facebook generated no revenues from mobility and today it represents more than half the treasure. Locally

Digital disruption and transformation may be one of the great business stories of the age – a megatrend like demography and urbanisation, but for now it remains largely trapped in the business pages of the financial and specialist press, with only a few stand out voices dominating the social chatter.

Australians will spend $29 billion at the shops this Christmas season, a five per cent increase over last year, and of course not all those shops will have a physical presence as spending inevitably shifts online. Those are good numbers for the shop keepers and suggest some rude health in

Choose any large number you care to imagine and it’s probably not big enough to describe what is coming at us in the gathering era of the internet of things. Let’s just start with all those things themselves and how many there are likely to be. Cisco says 50 billion

When it comes to amplifying the conversation around big data, Geoff de Weaver is the most influential individual tweeter for Australian audiences and The Drum is the most influential company account, while Life Hacker scores the gong as the top tech web site – by quite a margin. For our

Welcome to Which-50’s first Deepdive Report — a joint initiative between KINSHIP digital and Which-50 in which we track the social chatter on major trends in the digital marketplace to reveal the key voices driving industry debate. CRM and associated systems such as data analytics and marketing technology are growing