Mike Green

Mike Green

Mike Green is the CEO of KINSHIP digital and co-author of the Chatter Report

The recent terrorists attacks in Paris pushed Twitter’s usual fare of fair haired boy bands onto the back burner in a week which saw a big spike in Australian retweets on the microblogging site. There were over 5 million retweets this last week according to the KINSHIP digital / Which-50

Every business is a software business, or so it is said. But how are real software businesses adapting to change. Slowly and with some difficulty, particularly around pricing. Obviously there are a lot of people in the software industry sweating on the issue at the moment and in fact the discussion made

While the digital message is gradually osmoting its way onto the leadership agenda, the reality is that most companies are still dramatically under prepared. How else to interpret Forrester Research’s finding that only a quarter of the companies it surveyed possessed a coherent digital strategy to create customer value. The

Stories that write themselves, toasters that call customer support, and digital vandalism all caught the imagination of the digerati this week, courtesy of Gartner’s top ten digital predictions. Each week Which-50 and KINSHIP digital study the global social stream to identify most influential social chatter around digital research. This week

It’s probably the best line we have read in a piece of content marketing for ages. Oracle’s Michael Hicken’s writing in a Forbes Voice column says that complaints by disrupted industries and by the grandstanding regulators who protect them, are examples of failing market participants “rising to the defense of

Australia’s new data retention regime came into force this month and there’s plenty to ridicule. If you put your trousers on left leg first, the laws are dangerous and ill considered. If you butter your croissants right handed you should be outraged that the rules will cost a fortune to

Successful digital transformation requires a significant cultural transformation at leadership level and executives need to adjust to a world of high risk taking. That’s the message from the top conversation starter among the digerati according to the results of this week’s Which-50/KINSHIP digital Chatter Report. Each week Which-50 and Kinship

Research about the Internet of Things, cloud computing, and the importance of algorithms where the most popular conversation starters this week when it came to the latest digital research from top consulting and analyst firms. And when it comes to gender equality around the board room table McKinsey reveals, “Not

The drivers of digital transformation, the role of leaders — and employees — and the impact on the customer journey all featured prominently in this week’s Which-50 KINSHIP digital Chatter Report. Each week Which-50 and Kinship digital test the interests of the digital community and identify the most influential conversations

Healthcare, perhaps because of its deeply embedded links to the public sector and the fragmented market structure in the private sector looks tailor made for disruption. That’s certainly the view of the digerati who made health the top topic of social chit chat on the web this week, as measured