Michael Gill

Michael Gill

Michael Gill is a counsellor with global advisory firm Dragoman and was previously CEO of the Financial Review Group and chairman of AAP.

It was just a little time ago that Ian Narev, who heads Australia’s biggest bank, intimated that he was not too sure about the CBA business model in a digital world. Well might one sympathise with that view, hedged perhaps by the fact of bank CEO remuneration. Anyhow, Narev’s remarks

As ever, the recent equity markets dump of tech stocks appeared like a funk.  For the past few weeks we’ve had a round of booster-bear antics, with various luminaries making very large grabs for credibility of the who-called-it-right variety. As usual, it appears the market had at least one good

Another of those perennial digital evolution questions is taking shape. It’s the longstanding “content is king” chestnut. It might also be termed: “Whose information highway is this, anyway?” Outside of journalism, people might have not have noticed the steady creep of some institutions into what is loosely defined as the

You have to wonder: when will the penny drop? For some years now, it has been startlingly obvious that corporate leadership needs to become strategic about digital – what too many still call IT – issues. As the consumer evolution rolls on, we see more and more CEOs and boards

It’s something of a breath of fresh air. A banker in Australia – the CBA’s chief Ian Narev – openly acknowledging that he doesn’t know what technology will do to banks.  The report of Narev’s comment went on to his speculation about the future evolution of tablets and check off the

Financial services ought to be one of the very big winners from digital technology. Especially in Asia and especially at the household or retail level. And in many ways that’s true. But there’s a hitch. For years now, innovators in Japan, The Philippines, Vietnam and India have been producing smart

Some business leaders clearly do not know enough about the detail of what they say. Especially when it comes to assertions about data. In the past few days I heard two very senior people talk about the “future” of their business through data. They spoke of rich long term relationships

It seems to have been only a few minutes ago that data got big. Data of the past was always small and in many pieces. Boffins used to curate it. Now it herds itself; or so it seems. Business leaders are starting to see opportunity in data that was never

At some point or other I read in a junior year text that markets work best when informed. My recollection is that the author asserted that a perfect market is perfectly informed. And I have assumed in life that disclosure and transparency were in general unqualified social positives.  Today Warren

Google says that it wants to make its users’ life easier by integrating Gmail and Google+, the latter being a social network that is now populated by any new Gmail user. It would seem that Gmail users may now have access to the half billion email addresses registered in Google+.