Michael Gill

Michael Gill

Michael Gill is a counsellor with global advisory firm Dragoman and was previously CEO of the Financial Review Group and chairman of AAP.

Who would have thought that the corner store – or whatever you think Woolworths is today – would be the fiercest of battlegrounds in globalisation and digital disruption? Woolworths is in shock therapy (translated: change CEOs) after the early inset of competition to what was a comfy, dominant Australian position

All that glistens for tech stock prima donnas It wasn’t very long ago that short-selling of Fairfax and other print media businesses was the sad reality of investor sentiment. Now it’s the turn of the prima donnas. SEEK, REA and Carsales reportedly are subject to heavy downside bets despite the

H.G. Wells  artilleryman in War of the Worlds said it all. “This isn’t a war. It never was a war, any more than there’s war between man and ants.” Imagine how those comfortable, well paid TV execs are feeling. An alien invasion has just wiped out their finest audiences and

A while ago there was a fork in the road of media management. The yellow bricks were on the road marked “Google and friends”. Others had a sign that read, simply: “TOLL”. Amid the angst of decline, news media have struggled with a basic concept: the product. Once immutable, perfect

How digital is helping to accelerate Indonesia’s development Indonesia’s quiet economic progress is showing signs of throwing up another tale of digital acceleration. India, for example, gets a lot of attention for its IT expertise and profile of its citizens in everything from Netscape to UNISYS. Yet on one critical

There was a time, not so very long ago, where banks were about people. Personal relationships were quite important. People in banks had authority and the means to do (or not do) things. That time has clearly passed. About 20 years ago a friend who had a senior role in

As many have long expected, business media are showing the way in establishing profitable paths in the digital market. This week’s financials show confidence-building trends. Long gone are the train smash years when fabulous properties like The Financial Times saw their profitability crushed by fashionable forays into expensive, valueless web

The New York Times’ bumpy ride through digital disruption is not settled. But it’s looking more confident. NYT’s biggest revenue segment for 2014 was paid circulation, which has to be its primary focus. In fact the main question about NYT is whether it’s doing enough to elevate the product value. Advertising remains

One of the more curious realities we live with is the ritual of analysis. Politics, sports, arts and even cooking are subject to the most remarkable punditry. People make comments and forecasts with a certainty that completely belies the reality. Happily, no-one takes any notice in retrospect. One of my

One of the troubles with disrupted businesses is the thinking. People find it hard to change their mindset. This is why many fail, despite evident opportunity to make a transition. Digital media led the charge in disrupting businesses and remains one of the more useful examples since its disruption was