Michael Stelzer

Michael Stelzer

Vice President at Verint

Consumers still crave human engagement in customer service meaning an over reliance on digital channels can jeopardise customer relationships, according to a Verint White Paper, The Digital Tipping Point. Our research found a customer’s channel preference is contextual and there are several instances where digital doesn’t stack up. “Ultimately, all

The decision to use traditional or digital channels to interact with a brand is influenced by the complexity of their request, according to a new Verint white paper. Despite an overall preference for human interactions, customers will turn to digital for less complex needs, the authors said. The whitepaper, The Digital


Marketers still struggle with mastering the customer journey, which makes it difficult for many to understand where best to place their development spend. Part of the problem, according to the CMO Council, is that many brands still fail to take a strategic approach to the issue. According to Liz Miller,