Michael Fagan

Michael Fagan

Mike Fagan is the Managing Editor of Which-50.com and Boardroom Media. Mike started writing in London in the 80's before a 30 year career in finance. He has worked in Sydney, London, Singapore and Geneva. He chronicled his interest in tech, finance, travel and cycling in the IB Cyclist Blog.

Ohio v. Google: A question of designation Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost filed a lawsuit asking the court to declare Google a public utility. A successful suit would force Google away from prioritising its entities in search results. The ramifications for independent service providers are significant, as they would no

Data Governance Australia

The Australian Serious Financial Crime Taskforce (SFCT) has aimed its sights on the burgeoning market in cryptocurrency transactions. Using the well-known maxim of “follow the money”, the SFCT has openly disclosed it would be using data matching to track various forms of cybercrime, including the use of cryptocurrency to avoid

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Adviser numbers volatile as transaction beds-in More news from the IOOF bunker this morning as reports are indicating further departures of financial advisers from the recently acquired MLC. Since the deal’s announcement, approximately 390 advisers have left the group, bringing numbers to just under 1500 retained. Market observers expressed concern

Data Security Report Raises Concerns on Vulnerability

Fast-growing organisations often patch together a suite of data storage solutions that meet short term needs. The problem is that such deployments can lead to ad-hoc security solutions, duplications and inefficiencies; this also fails to address key-person risk where data security and continuity are concerned. The risks only grow as

Chinese arrest 1,100 in crackdown Reports are emerging from China that the Government has had enough. The Ministry of Public Security said 1,100 people suspected of using cryptocurrencies to launder the takings from various internet and telephone scams had been arrested. The move comes on the back of bans last

NSW goes to the Top of the Class The NSW Government updated the media on plans to return International students to New South Wales. The goal is to jump-start the sector after a challenging 18 months. Two hundred and fifty students a fortnight will be flown into the State. Students

Board thinks laterally Was Ferrari reading Which-50’s recent piece on embracing change during the digital transformation of their model line? Ferrari has tapped Benedetto Vigna of STMicroelectronics to be their next CEO. Insiders had longed speculated that the next CEO might come from the world of consumer electronics, so Vigna’s

Biden-Harris staying with Trump Onshoring The Biden Administration released its 100-day Supply Chain Review for critical components and materials. The Review builds on the previous work conducted at the behest of the Trump Administration in connection with its policy on the onshoring of industry.  The current Administration has been particularly

Why wouldn’t the Australian mining industry be optimistic? In the last year, Iron Ore is up 70 per cent, Copper 46 per cent, and Gold is a steady performer, up 8 per cent. That’s before the conversation turns to the rare earth metals, such as Lithium, which has doubled. Surprisingly