Melina Gouveia

Melina Gouveia

Melina Gouveia is a freelance writer and contributor to She has reported on cybersecurity, digital economics, venture capitalism, business transformation, strategy, innovation and government policy with a keen interest in the media, marketing, telecommunications, travel and finance industries. During her career as a business journalist, she has been published in The Australian Financial Review, Lawyers Weekly, B&T Magazine, Money Management, Super Review, and Travel Weekly.

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Fresh insights from Adobe have found Aussie and Kiwi consumers significantly prefer making purchases via desktop despite browser traffic continuing to move towards smartphones. Adobe digital’s Best of Best report revealed this finding based on aggregated anonymous data from 100 billion visits to more than 3,000 websites in the Asia-Pacific

Sydney,Australia - February 20, 2016: A QANTAS Boeing 737 taxies towards the terminal after landing at the city's airport. QANTAS is the flag carrier for Australia.

Three years ago were turbulent times for Qantas, as the airline undertook a major transformation programme to restructure cost. Despite the rough ride, the firm never lost sight of its customer while laying the foundation for change. Under the stewardship of chief marketing officer, Stephanie Tully Qantas re-platformed their digital

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Many companies know they must adopt artificial intelligence to automate processes and increase efficiencies to remain competitive. However, in a rush to adopt and leverage new technologies in the endless race to be innovative, the noise of the stampede may have drowned out what real benefits AI directly brings to

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LinkedIn today announced its annual Top Companies list with PwC taking Australia’s top spot, followed by KMPG, Westpac Group and The Commonwealth Bank. The annual ranking highlights the most sought-after companies in top markets around the globe by professionals, based on proprietary LinkedIn data and billions of actions by over

As demand for online shopping exhibits continued growth, the user experience is fundamental to avoiding shopping cart abandonment. For online businesses looking to capitalise on this demand and capture market share, payments will play a critical role in each consumer’s e-commerce experience, as it inevitably converts to sales. Which-50 recently

The widespread use of ad blockers will force the digital advertising industry to adapt, as it transforms the ad-spam culture into a paid media system founded on high-quality, trustworthy and targeted ad content. This is BCG Digital Ventures Managing Director, Walter Delph’s key prediction for 2016. He said the relationship between

As consumer content consumption and expectations of mobile devices continue to accelerate faster than the ability for brands to address, the question now is not whether brands need a mobile presence but how brands create one that delivers tangible value, according to Adobe. Melina Gouveia reports. When Optus acquired the

Smart services built with deep artificial intelligence capabilities hit the mainstream. So says leading digital financier, London based BCG Digital Ventures’ Managing Director Ajay Chowdhury. He told Which-50 that these services will become more refined over the next 12 to 24 months, and there will be widespread adoption for some of the

This week’s IAB digital advertising report provided further evidence that publishers relying on digital display advertising technology are making a comeback after years of struggling to get traction against Google and search. AdRoll Australian and ANZ managing director and former Allure Media owner Ben Sharp spoke to Which-50 about the challenges of

Bauer-Hearst Media general manager Marina Go disrupts NRL boards, championing skills-based and gender diversity, to tackle problems plaguing Rugby League, in a strategic play to make it the most respected and greatest game of all. “Transformation begins with a disruption to the status quo,” Go told the audience at Daze