Melina Gouveia

Melina Gouveia

Melina Gouveia is a Sydney-based journalist and writer for

Alibaba and Tencent are already well know names in the world of global ecommerce. However the Chinese ecommerce sector is set to have an even more dramatic impact on the global economy as businesses which grew by meeting huge internal demand start to turn their focus outwards. Sign up for

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Australian CIOs lead the world in the implementation and planned use of machine learning despite barriers to adoption according to the local results of the ServiceNow “Global CIO Point of View” study released yesterday. The study surveyed 500 chief information officers from 11 countries — which included 46 from Australia

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As technological innovation accelerates at an alarming pace, the challenge of adapting and executing a winning customer-experience strategy can prove expensively daunting for many organisations. The largest gains accrue to firms that can incorporate great customer experience — augmented by digital technology — as an inseparable product feature to harness

Addressing a packed session at OpenWorld yesterday, Oracle president of product development, Thomas Kurian, revealed how the firm had infused new forms of human interface, autonomous computing, artificial intelligence, IoT, and blockchain technology into their latest cloud offerings. Kurian presented the new cloud product suite that spans infrastructure, analytics, data

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Oracle chairman and CTO, Larry Ellison, unveiled Oracle 18c, the world’s first and only fully autonomous database at the firm’s flagship OpenWorld event in San Francisco last night. Oracle’s latest database is 100 per cent autonomous and automatically provisions, patches, updates and backs itself up without any human intervention. The

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Australian outdoor media firm QMS Media Limited today announced a 26 percent increase in profit to $16.7 million for the fiscal year ending 30 June 2017. The company’s profit reflects the strength of the outdoor advertising market and QMS’ progress in broadening its footprint to advertisers across key markets including the successful integration

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Fresh insights from Adobe have found Aussie and Kiwi consumers significantly prefer making purchases via desktop despite browser traffic continuing to move towards smartphones. Adobe digital’s Best of Best report revealed this finding based on aggregated anonymous data from 100 billion visits to more than 3,000 websites in the Asia-Pacific

Sydney,Australia - February 20, 2016: A QANTAS Boeing 737 taxies towards the terminal after landing at the city's airport. QANTAS is the flag carrier for Australia.

Three years ago were turbulent times for Qantas, as the airline undertook a major transformation programme to restructure cost. Despite the rough ride, the firm never lost sight of its customer while laying the foundation for change. Under the stewardship of chief marketing officer, Stephanie Tully Qantas re-platformed their digital

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Many companies know they must adopt artificial intelligence to automate processes and increase efficiencies to remain competitive. However, in a rush to adopt and leverage new technologies in the endless race to be innovative, the noise of the stampede may have drowned out what real benefits AI directly brings to

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LinkedIn today announced its annual Top Companies list with PwC taking Australia’s top spot, followed by KMPG, Westpac Group and The Commonwealth Bank. The annual ranking highlights the most sought-after companies in top markets around the globe by professionals, based on proprietary LinkedIn data and billions of actions by over