Matthew Powell

Matthew Powell

Matthew Powell is a former editor of Australian Macworld, and a senior writer and commentator in the Australian technology sector of 25 years standing.

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After an acrimonious start, the Federal government’s News Media Bargaining Code, the controversial plan to make internet giants Google and Facebook pay for content from local publishers, has finally borne fruit. Nine Media announced today that it has formalised deals with the online advertising titans. The exact financial details of

Jens Monsees, who became CEO of digital transformation firm WPP AUNZ in October 2019, has stepped down from that role following the completion of a process that sees the AUNZ branch become a fully-integrated business within WPP globally. At the same time, WPP AUNZ has ceased listing on the ASX.

Apple has framed its termination of a newly-hired software engineer as protecting its inclusive workplace culture — an action that raises as many questions as it answers. Antonio García Martínez was reportedly hired to work in Apple’s advertising team, which would make sense given his previous work history as a

Mark Zuckerberg has grown very wealthy on the strength of the advertising platform he has built, which enables advertisers to hock their wares with pinpoint precision at the eyeballs most likely to belong to customers. Facebook’s ad-targeting technology is indeed a very impressive achievement — but apparently Facebook doesn’t want

Most Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) companies say they don’t sell debt — but they will still sell your debt to a debt collector. And if the debt collector is not collecting debt, what’s it collecting? Such is the twisted game of semantic linguistics the BNPL sector plays as it

Australian Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) player Zip Co is set to grow its reach worldwide following a deal with Adobe to partner with the latter’s Magento e-commerce platform. The deal sees Zip become an Accelerate Partner in Adobe’s Exchange Partner Program, and means that Zip’s BNPL services will be

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Apple will shortly flick the “go” switch on iOS 14.5, ushering in a dramatic reduction in the number of iOS devices sharing valuable data with advertisers. Users are increasingly privacy-conscious these days — a trend Apple has recognised and shifted to take advantage. The change is a long-anticipated update that

Despite the fact that COVID-19 hit Australia less severely than other parts of the world, only slightly more than one in ten employees felt fully engaged with the workforce in 2020. That’s a key finding from a recent study by HR research institute ADP, which sought to examine the impact

As the old saying goes: even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there. Innovation entails risk. To do something genuinely innovative, genuinely transformative, you have to be willing to step outside your comfort zone. A lot of Australian organisations are being held

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Australian organisations know the benefits of digital transformation; it increases employee productivity and improves customer experience. Businesses can become more agile, which in turn increases business resilience and has the added benefit of enabling more rapid innovation. The business case seems pretty clear. Read more: Innovation over Security But is