Matthew Powell

Matthew Powell

Matthew Powell is a former editor of Australian Macworld, and a senior writer and commentator in the Australian technology sector of 20 years standing.

Apple Store in Bangkok

Apple will shortly flick the “go” switch on iOS 14.5, ushering in a dramatic reduction in the number of iOS devices sharing valuable data with advertisers. Users are increasingly privacy-conscious these days — a trend Apple has recognised and shifted to take advantage. The change is a long-anticipated update that

Despite the fact that COVID-19 hit Australia less severely than other parts of the world, only slightly more than one in ten employees felt fully engaged with the workforce in 2020. That’s a key finding from a recent study by HR research institute ADP, which sought to examine the impact

As the old saying goes: even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there. Innovation entails risk. To do something genuinely innovative, genuinely transformative, you have to be willing to step outside your comfort zone. A lot of Australian organisations are being held

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Australian organisations know the benefits of digital transformation; it increases employee productivity and improves customer experience. Businesses can become more agile, which in turn increases business resilience and has the added benefit of enabling more rapid innovation. The business case seems pretty clear. Read more: Innovation over Security But is

For the month of July, we secretly erased men from Which-50. Our audience numbers dropped, our social presence evaporated, and we annoyed people who for years have helped us build our brand off the back of their hard work and expertise. They did nothing wrong — we were just jerks —

Amazon, Microsoft and Facebook are all companies that proudly trumpet their ”culture of experimentation” as key to their success. But for those looking to replicate such success, it’s not as simple as waking up one day and deciding that your businesses will implement just such a culture, according to Jon

Marketers understand the importance of technology and data towards delivering the best customer experiences. They realise that creating a new culture focused around customer engagement is critical, and they recognise the need to evaluate and renew the capabilities of the people in their department. But while there is a general