Martin Kihn

Martin Kihn

Martin Kihn is a Research Vice President at Gartner, specialising in data-driven marketing and advertising technology.

AI and related topics are quite the soup of the moment. Here’s a glimpse at Google Trends over the past couple of years: And Gartner’s most recent CMO spending and strategy surveys show nothing but green arrows up for marketing analytics. The popular job site Glassdoor reported that “data scientist”

In a world gone wild with self-promotion, Dr. Boris Mouzykantskii does not have a Wikipedia page and barely registers in a routine search. Yet ad tech majordomo Terence Kawaja of LUMA Partners calls him “the Godfather,” saying “much of the industry tech can be traced back to his work” — his

Note that these numbers are rounded, sometimes seriously so. Any marketer could memorize them. For more info see Gartner’s “The State of U.S. Advertising: 2017-2018,” by Haixia Wang (subscription required). Sign up to Which-50’s Digital Marketing Newsletter Big Picture Global ad spending: $500B U.S. ad spending: $200B Yearly growth rate:

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In May, the IAB released version 1.0 of its Dynamic Content Ad Standard – only seven short years after its first OpenRTB spec. That 84-month lag points to the relative status of dynamic creative and programmatic targeting. Pity the poor creative, which has inspired comments over the years mostly on its unfulfilled potential. As the IAB admits in

Imagine two scenarios: Scenario #1: Lizzy shops for a tartan dog leash on and makes a purchase. She is bombarded with ads for the same leash for months. Frustrated, she goes to the etailer’s app and closes her account but continues to receive offers by email. She reports them as

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There is a poem in the check-out aisle and an epic in the end caps. We immerse ourselves in retail and sign on to brands. Our purchases are casting calls for cameos in the story of our lives. Brands are a mystery. A product has certain features and benefits, but

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This week we’re thinking about marketing technology as we prep for our third sensational Gartner Digital Marketing Conference in San Diego. Specifically, we’re asking: What is marketing technology (aka martech), exactly? And: Does it belong in the same hub/cloud/stack as adtech? A few years ago, it became somewhat common to hear

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Inspired by results from retargeting, marketers are scrambling to stitch together customer data, unleash machine learning and deliver personalised experiences in display and video ads, websites, apps, watches and – soon – refrigerators. Sign up for Which-50’s Irregular Insights newsletter But in our rush to hypertarget, marketers ignore the perils

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In a recent AdExchanger Talks podcast, Nate Woodman of IponWeb surfaced the specter of what we might call the brand-gorithm: a proprietary algorithm unique to a brand and used to make decisions such as how much to bid on an impression or what message to serve. Take our Which-50 reader

As CEO of Omnicom Media Group’s Accuen since 2015, Megan Pagliuca has been inspiring the “next evolution of programmatic” – focusing on open pricing, automation and elevating machine-driven media from a line item into a strategic plan. And like many of today’s ad tech luminaries, her career began in the mid-‘00s