Marc Brown

Marc Brown

Marc Brown is a research director at Gartner

According to data from Gartner’s 2018 CEO survey, CMOs are an essential part of the team driving digital transformation across the enterprise. Why marketing? Put simply, it’s being driven by the power of the buyer.  Buyer demands for the great experiences enabled by digitalisation are forcing CMOs and marketers to reevaluate their strategies and

Content marketing leaders are seeking better ways to maximize their content marketings impact. And, no matter how creative, memorable, or popular your content may become, every piece you create and publish will ultimately be judged by the impact it makes on your business’ outcomes. Sign up to Which-50’s Digital Marketing Newsletter To boost the value

Marketing leaders face an ongoing dilemma regarding the creation of the ‘optimal’ marketing team structure. Centralising or decentralising marketing has been under debate for years. But as marketers face ever-increasing pressure to deliver more to the business – higher ROI, improved efficiency, and growth – team design has once again


It’s no secret that modern marketing organisations must quickly adapt to change, possess a wide array of digital marketing skills and, above all else, deliver results. But, in the face of such business turmoil, many marketing leaders are struggling to adapt. Why? Sign up to Which-50’s Digital Marketing Newsletter Marketing leaders

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Marketing leaders have a wide array of metrics to gauge marketing effectiveness. But more metrics don’t necessarily mean better insights into marketing performance. Marketing leaders need to let go of ‘feel-good’ metrics, like click-through rates or traffic, and instead embrace metrics that link marketing activity to business outcomes. The concepts