Lizzy Foo Kune

Lizzy Foo Kune

Lizzy Foo Kune is a Principal Research Analyst specialising in data-driven marketing.

There’s one key trend that always holds true in marketing and advertising: Analysts are a hot commodity. And based on the research we conducted for this year’s Magic Quadrant for Ad Tech, that trend is only going to continue. The capabilities of ad tech continue to grow ever more advanced, requiring

Robots look creepy if they look too much like a real person. That “creepiness” is referred to as the “uncanny valley” in the field of robotics.It describes how people perceive humanoid robots with extreme cognitive dissonance when the robot looks too much like a person. In short, the more a

As a practitioner, I hated the first week of the month. It meant I had to lead my team of smart, capable marketing analysts through a never ending, difficult slog known as… REPORTING WEEK. Ah, yes. If you’ve served marketing analytics in any capacity, you’ll know what I mean. The

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Knowledge of the customer is a top priority for marketing organisations. Our recent survey data demonstrates that CMOs are continuing to invest in customer retention and growth, with spending on existing customers outpacing that of new customer acquisition. Customer analytics is a top priority for CMOs as they seek to

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I’m a great dinner party guest. That good ‘ol, “So, Lizzy, what do you actually do for a living?” question inevitably arises, and I typically take the opportunity to tell people about the general research topics I’ve been working on. For the past six months or so, my friends and family have