Lauren Evans

Lauren Evans

Lauren Evans is the Regional Marketing Partner, APJ, Kenshoo

  Smart marketers in the region are closely following consumers on their mobile journey, and this is reflected by a massive rise in popularity of the mobile app installs ad unit amongst marketers in Australia. Kenshoo data indicates that year-on-year spend growth in Australia for Q1 2015 is just over

  Apps are clearly the smartphone experience of choice for consumers, and marketing budgets are shifting into click-to-install advertising at a rate that closely matches app install rates. The figures are revealed in Kenshoo’s mobile App Advertising Trends study, released earlier this year. According to the researchers, “Consumers already spend

  Australian search click through rates remained remarkably consistent during the first quarter of 2015 with the average click through rate coming in at 3.41 per cent. The result is a significant increase on the corresponding period last year where CTRs typically came in at between 2.23 and 2.82 per

  As attribution grows in importance in Australia, advertisers are looking for guidance on successful attribution models worldwide. But it is worth remembering that attribution models are only as good as the data that powers them. Local advertisers, therefore, need to make sure their data strategy is aligned to make attribution

  Australian brands in the Retail, Finance and Travel sectors all experienced strong click through rates (CTR) on their search advertising in December and improving conversion rates in the final quarter of the year according to new data from Kenshoo. Each month Kenshoo and Which-50 will examine search advertising data

  You might be surprised to hear that, despite the difference in both scale and market maturity, there is a close correlation across US and Australian online retail marketing — particularly as it relates to peak shopping periods such as the Christmas season. More importantly, an analysis of Kenshoo’s data

  Online shopping in the world’s largest consumer market continues to demonstrate robust growth. Since 2005 the total value of online sales during the holiday season in the US has increased from $19.6 billion to $53.3 billion with only one down year in 2008 – at the height of the