Lauren Evans

Lauren Evans

Lauren Evans is the Regional Marketing Partner, APJ, Kenshoo

Wego is a Singapore based travel service which lets consumers search over 700 travel sites to compare and book flights, hotels and activities. VP, Digital Marketing at Wego Divya Ramaswamy describes the challenges facing travel marketers in the region. The interview is part of Kenshoo’s newly released paper called “Digital

The travel sector faces challenges every year with increasing competition and fluctuating market trends. Marketers need to be on top of their game to drive consistent performance despite a volatile market — remaining nimble enough to handle any challenge or opportunity in their path The recent Kenshoo research paper called

The travel industry has unmistakably evolved over the last decade due to the development of the web and impact of digital marketing, with many people acting as their own travel agent. The web makes it convenient to research, compare deals, and book your own travel, especially while on the go

Christmas shopping season came early for digital marketers in 2015, literally, with seasonal spending happening earlier in November than in previous years. The star performers in terms of growth were Product Listing Ads (PLAs), where spend was up 111 per cent, and mobile search, which surged 91 per cent. While

Search advertising spending in Asia Pacific continues to experience robust growth according to Kenshoo’s analysis. Indeed Asia Pacific and Japan (APJ) is now the fastest growing region for search advertising in the world, according to the Kenshoo study of its customer data. The data, described in the Search Advertising Trends

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Australian marketers might like to keep a sharp eye on mobile advertising trends in the US right now. This year it is estimated the mobile ad spending will constitute a majority of the digital ad spend after a strong, nearly 60 percent growth over the last 12 months. With Australia

  The transparency of search as an advertising channel is appealing to marketers as it makes it relatively easy to forecast acquisition outcomes and to measure ROI. And, finance managers love the apparent certainty of it when it comes time to approve budgets. That’s why search is often the first

  Marketers are dealing with more data and signals derived from more systems, sources, and consumer interactions than ever before. The lazy days of long term planning are giving way to an era of agility. That’s the subject of a new report from Kenshoo called “The Kenshoo Guide to Agile Marketing.”

  Predictive analytics has become a critical part of the marketing toolkit in recent years, but in truth its influence has been rising for years. Studies by Accenture into the work of analytics professionals between 2009 and 2012 revealed almost a tripling in the number of organisations that primarily applied

  By leveraging the intelligence and innovative technology available today, marketers can transform their teams into agile organisations. That’s the recommendation of a new paper called the “Kenshoo Guide to Agile Marketing: How to get ahead and stay ahead in an ever-evolving digital landscape.”  (Download here.) We will be examining