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Aussies increasingly want to get their news from niche sources (think podcasts and docos), 20 per cent of us no longer watch any TV whatsoever, and we’re increasingly distrusting of the old school media players. That’s just a few of the challenging findings of the bi-annual Mind And Mood Report

MediaCom’s new(ish) CEO Sean Seamer believes creative agencies whose bread and butter business is expensive 30-second TVCs have a grim future in this tech-centric, data-heavy mobile world. The problem, Seamer told advertisng industry magazine B&T in a wide-ranging interview, is that there’s simply no margin in making costly ads for

Retailers who are solely online may start to struggle as marketing costs increase and they’re forced to fight off rejuvenated bricks and mortar stores. That’s the view of Grant Arnott publisher of Power Retail and managing director of online retail site Click Frenzy. Arnott said for all this talk of

Despite bricks and mortar retail coming back into vogue of late and the launch of major overseas fashion labels into the local landscape a new survey of Aussie retail says most brands are so crap at it they’re best shutting their doors and going fully online. And the main concern –

AdNear, the Singapore-headquartered location intelligence platform, today announced that it is rebranding as Near. Dropping the word “Ad“ is intended to emphasise the platform’s increased focus on using location data for much beyond targeted mobile advertising. Launched just over two years ago, the company initially started out offering brands the

Three of the world’s biggest names in marketing, content and community – WPP, DailyMail and Snapchat – today announced the establishment of Truffle Pig, a joint content marketing venture combining the best of global agency, newsroom and social media talent. This new company will offer brands unprecedented reach and opportunity

In the mad race to digitise business and embrace the data revolution, many companies appear to have forgotten the one thing that’s pivotal to their success: the customer. That’s the view of media doyen, self-help guru and partner at Growth Mantra, Nigel Marsh. Marsh, a keynote speaker at yesterday’s Daze of

The former boss of Foxtel and News Corp, Kim Williams, believes the world is not changing, it has changed – and irrevocably so – and he says many old-school media businesses may have been so slow on the digital uptake that they simply won’t survive. Williams was a keynote speaker

Telstra’s executive director of digital, Gerd Schenkel, says a “burning platform” can lead a thriving business to utter calamity in very fast time. Speaking at Daze of Disruption conference in Sydney on Monday, Schenkel said the path to digital failure often takes just six lonely years. “The first year was all about

Former boss of News Corp Australia, Kim Williams acknowledges there’s still some lingering acrimony following his department from the CEO’s role in 2013. Williams ran Foxtel for a decade and was famously hoisted into the CEO role at News in 2011 only to resign after 20 months in the job.