Joseph Brookes

Joseph Brookes

Joseph Brookes is a writer and content producer for and the Which-50 Digital Intelligence Unit. He has covered the impact of digital transformation on Australian businesses with a particular focus on the media, financial services and governments sectors. Joseph is also responsible for Which-50's multimedia products including the production of video, podcasts and animated graphics.

The next challenge for the Australian banking sector is a resource one, according to Westpac CIO, Dave Curran. He argues the biggest roadblock for banks, as they shift to digital models, is finding the employees to do it. “Technology is the opportunity and the challenge of our generation,” Curran said

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Business leaders are increasingly recognising the impact of digital, according to new research from Gartner, which showed most CEOs have developed digital strategies. Of the 460 business chiefs Gartner surveyed in its 2018 CEO survey, 62 per cent said they have digital initiatives or transformation programs. Of those with digital

It is not enough to simply take advantage of cloud services. To make the most of new digital environment organisations have to change how they operate. That’s the view of Oracle CIO, Mark Sunday who was speaking at the Oracle Cloud event in Sydney this week. Sunday outlined the impact of

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Facebook says they are taking steps to lift the transparency of  advertisements on its platform beyond the standards of TV and print. The changes are part of ongoing efforts by Facebook to combat fake news, political interference, and terrorism, according to CEO and founder, Mark Zuckerberg. Zuckerberg made the announcement

The first pilot orders of Alibaba’s blockchain-based food tracking service have launched from New Zealand. The orders are on their way to China to demonstrate the potential of blockchain technology to track the supply chain process of food products and ensure food authenticity. Alibaba Group, PwC, Blackmores and Australia Post

Facebook’s advertising revenue jumped 50 percent, year on year, according to financial results released overnight. The social media giant appears to have seen little financial impact from a tumultuous 2018, reporting a net income just under $US 5 billion. The company’s revenue so far in 2018 is $11.97 billion, up

While many organisations will be anxious about the upcoming GDPR regulations, some are eagerly awaiting them and the prominence they will give to data governance. For the most proactive it’s an opportunity to change the data conversation and develop new capabilities. Sign up for Which-50’s Irregular Insights newsletter Patrick Dewald,

After years of deliberation, “arguably the most complex piece of regulation the European Union has ever produced” comes into force on May 25th. Reaching far beyond Europe, the tough new privacy laws present a compliance challenge for businesses — and some will be hit harder than others. Regardless of where

For city planners, the great promise of a 5G network is the ability to deliver on the promises of smart cities. While much of the technology required for smart cities already exists, the capacity for the technology to operate in real time across an interconnected network has been held back

Facebook has begun rolling out changes to ensure GDPR compliance. The social media giant said the changes would initially affect European users but would eventually be adopted globally. European users will see different details in the data policies, in line with GDPR requirements, but Facebook insists the “substance” of its