Joseph Brookes

Joseph Brookes

Joseph Brookes is a writer and content producer for and the Which-50 Digital Intelligence Unit. He has covered the impact of digital transformation on Australian businesses with a particular focus on the media, financial services and governments sectors. Joseph is also responsible for Which-50's multimedia products including the production of video, podcasts and animated graphics.

While many organisations will be anxious about the upcoming GDPR regulations, some are eagerly awaiting them and the prominence they will give to data governance. For the most proactive it’s an opportunity to change the data conversation and develop new capabilities. Sign up for Which-50’s Irregular Insights newsletter Patrick Dewald,

After years of deliberation, “arguably the most complex piece of regulation the European Union has ever produced” comes into force on May 25th. Reaching far beyond Europe, the tough new privacy laws present a compliance challenge for businesses — and some will be hit harder than others. Regardless of where

For city planners, the great promise of a 5G network is the ability to deliver on the promises of smart cities. While much of the technology required for smart cities already exists, the capacity for the technology to operate in real time across an interconnected network has been held back

Facebook has begun rolling out changes to ensure GDPR compliance. The social media giant said the changes would initially affect European users but would eventually be adopted globally. European users will see different details in the data policies, in line with GDPR requirements, but Facebook insists the “substance” of its

Video game gambling is tipped to grow rapidly over the next four years, according to new research from Juniper. The trend raises issues for regulators and gamers as the ‘pay to win’ strategy becomes more popular. According to Juniper Research, the total spend on video game loot boxes and “skin”

Netflix has again beaten analyst expectations and added 7.41 million new subscribers in Q1, according to the streaming giant’s latest results. That number exceeds analysts’ forecasts of 6.32 million and takes Netflix’s total subscriber base to 125 million. Q1 revenue was US$3.7 billion, up from US$2.6 billion in Q1 2017.

Disability empowering technology company Psykinetic launched in Sydney today, giving a glimpse into the future of accessibility technology. The company launched three flagship products designed to improve the lives of people with high level physical disabilities. All three utilise eye tracking technology for touch free interactions. Sign up for Which-50’s

Australia’s privacy watchdog has told businesses that privacy must be on senior leadership’s agenda and should be built into company culture. “Privacy has to be a high order concern for your organisations,” said Angelene Falk, the acting Australian Information Commissioner and acting Privacy Commissioner. “It needs to be on the

Student discount site Unidays is hoping to corner the Gen Z data market. The digital identity verification platform has experienced rapid growth since “solving a small problem” for brands – verifying and connecting them to students. The next step is taking on Facebook. “There are 150 million university students around

While the digital bells and whistles of the private sector garner much of the attention, the impact of digital is no less pronounced for the public sector. The Australian Taxation Office’s digital transformation offers some insight into the challenges and possible gains of digital transformation at an enterprise level. It