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Joe Brookes

Joe Brookes is a writer for and the Which-50 Digital Intelligence Unit.

Data roadmaps and digital channels have pushed Vail Resorts ahead of the competition in the ski industry according to May Lilley, Senior Manager of Australia Destination Marketing Vail Resorts. “Data-driven segmentation and personalisation provide the greatest business opportunity, as well as delivering on our guest service mission,” she said. Secure

Thoryn Stephens has a blunt message for retail organisations regarding their future. The former Chief Digital Officer of American Apparel told Which-50, “Retail operations that do not embrace digital transformation, customer-centricity, and rapid experimentation will wither and die, and rightfully so”. The survivors in a customer-centric world will be brands

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Marketing technology (martech) and advertising technology (ad tech) will increasingly resemble fintech. In turn that will lead to a world where marketers can buy and sell audiences on the stock exchange, in just the same way that investors trade frozen oranges and pork bellies according to Tim Whitfield, director, technical

Marketers shouldn’t be afraid to take risks, provided they maintain a consistent brand position, according to Fernando Machado, head of brand marketing at Burger King US. Machado is one of the marketing experts speaking at the ADMA Global Forum, being held in Sydney from August 24th and 25th. “The biggest

Organisations must commit to next-generation operating models to deliver value in a digital, customer experience-driven world, according to a McKinsey report. “This operating model is a new way of running the organisation that combines digital technologies and operations capabilities in an integrated, well-sequenced way to achieve step-change improvements in revenue,

Neither ad tech nor martech is flawless when it comes to attribution. At a recent roundtable discussion hosted by Which-50, industry experts discussed the possibility of alleviating these flaws through the combination of both disciplines. Download the Convergence of AdTech and Martech An incorporation of martech potentially advances ad tech’s

Design thinking is a viable strategy for organisations tasked with delivering customer experiences, according to guests on the latest Which-50 podcast. Originating in architecture in the 1960’s, design thinking has recently been applied to business strategy with intriguing results. Sign up for Which-50’s Irregular Insights newsletter In the fourth Which-50

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Innovative CMOs searching for new ways to go to market may be best severed by disrupting their own operations. It sounds counter-intuitive, but according to Ed Breault VP, Marketing & Industry Solutions Aprimo, “challenging the default thinking” is one way to find new spaces and customers. “Some of the best CMOs

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The impact of digital on consumer and business behaviour has been profound, according to a report on the current Australian digital landscape. The report, Digital Australia: State of the Nation 2017, said this year saw a “quantum leap” in the level of digital interconnection between devices and a “positive disposition

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Leading organisations are embracing customer experience and, when necessary, implementing significant operational changes to deliver good CX, according to Ed Breault VP, Marketing & Industry Solutions Aprimo. “Some of the best marketers out there are moving backwards from the customer touchpoint and making their organisation more customer centric. They’re even redesigning and