Heather Levy

Heather Levy

Heather Levy is the vice president, content strategy & publishing at Gartner

Walk into any store in any city selling any type of product, and you’ll immediately see why improving customer experience is a top priority for today’s digital marketer: Customers use a variety of devices from smartphones, to tablets to desktop computers, spanning multiple operating systems and browsers. Consumers use these

When will smart robots start cleaning our houses? Or, smart tennis racquets guide talent scouts to our doorsteps? How we’ll live with technology in 2030 will be determined by four key technology trends: Ambient Computing, Smart(er) Devices, Cybersecurity and Ethics, and Information and Analytics. In his session at Gartner Symposium/ITxpo

When Tesco, the UK-based retailer, wanted to grow its South Korean supermarket chain, Home Plus, without a bigger physical footprint, the company built a virtual subway store by posting photos of its products with QR codes. The pictures mimic inventory on store shelves and give busy commuters an opportunity to

What happens when 30 billion things connect with business and three billion people with smartphones? All those things and all those people generate vast amounts of rich data. What companies do with that data – how they turn it into proprietary algorithms – will determine how well they maximize the