Gaurav Bhatia

Gaurav Bhatia

Gaurav Bhatia is the chief digital officer of NewDay USA

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Marketing technology is an ever-evolving space. It is both overwhelming and yet exciting (at least for me!) But for most people, making sense of it doesn’t come easy. If you fall into that category, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Today, if organizations want to grow – they have to make

The world of digital, marketing and technology is evolving at an exponential pace and marketers are trying to keep pace or make sense of the rapid changes. Among the questions they are trying to answer are: How they should incorporate the new channels/technologies/capabilities as part of their marketing mix? Does

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As we continue to understand the entire customer journey and how customers interact with brand we need to understand the importance of brand perception, the intersection with customer experience and marketing and advertising channels. This is not a new concept, but now we have the ability to take a holistic