Erin Doyle

Erin Doyle

Social media management company Sprout Social has released a report showing that 90 per cent of people surveyed have used social media platforms in some way to communicate directly with a brand, the problem is that brands are ignoring the majority of these consumer communications. People on social want a response to

Facebook will open its Instant Articles initiative to all publishers, with the announcement pegged for its F8 developer conference taking place on 12 April. At that time, any publisher — of any size, anywhere in the world — will easily be able to create fast, interactive articles and deliver a

Why doesn’t Australia have its own version of the Silicon Valley? Ajay Bhatia, the CIO & CPO of Carsales, chats with B&T about why he thinks disruption starts at rethinking the Australian culture not just disrupting technology. Back in 1996, Carsales disrupted the automotive industry shifting the purchasing of vehicles online. As of July 2014,

The Australian Federal Court has ruled that film studio behind Dallas Buyers Club, Voltage, can’t send out scary piracy letters to the 4,726 alleged downloaders of the film. Voltage, who are known for being fierce copyright defenders, had previously succeed in their bid to obtain the name and address of those accused of

Smartphones are taking over the world, with a survey by UBS finding the increase in mobile banking will cause the widespread closure of bank branches. The UBS report, titled “Is A Bank In Your Pocket The Next Big Thing”, surveyed 67 bank management teams in 18 countries. The report found

ABC Shops across the country will begin phased closures as Aunty moves towards an online retail model. Disruption to CD and book sales – and huge government funding cutbacks to the national broadcaster brought the business unglued. In a statement anouncing the closures the ABC said, “This strategy aligns with

Volvo, road research body ARRB group and the South Australian government have teamed up to trail the first fully driverless cars in the southern hemisphere. It’s hoped these trials will establish how driverless technology needs to be adjusted for Australian driving behaviour, climate, road conditions, markings, surfaces and roadside signage. South

Netflix chief executive Reed Hastings told shareholders last week that the company regrets signing data cap agreements with Australian ISPs. Before Netflix was released in Australia, the US-based company signed unmetered usage deals with Australian internet service providers, including Optus and iiNet. These deals meant that the data used to watch