emma macKenzie

emma macKenzie

Emma Mackenzie is a reporter for B&T

In media there’s a constant pressure to get the news up first, however there’s no shortage of hoaxes online and sometimes the media trips up. At what point do time pressures to be the story originator overtake the need for fact checking and accuracy? (The answer by the way is never. Never.

Data and the highly targeted opportunities it provides will be are too attractive for advertisers to ignore. For media companies that means getting their minds and business models around the internet of things according to a report from Ernst & Young. “Armed with meaningful insights about consumer behaviours and preferences, M&E [media

It’s Adland’s ego that is bearing the brunt of the influx of data, not the actual creativity itself. At least, that was the gist of the creativity versus data debate at last night’s Vivid Festival in Sydney. Posed with the question of whether data is killing creativity, three creatives fought

Marketers see wins from machine learning and the rise of bots  as ad tech capabilities increase. But there’s a catch. Many marketers are apprehensive of their job security given technology and algorithms are making up a large part of the marketing remit now. Robots have already taken over a number of

As publishers attempt to find new consumers and audiences, the pressure from brands that produce their own content is boiling up. At least, that’s the view of Barry McGhee and Roger Berdusco from digital retail company Triad Retail. McGhee, Triad’s country manager in Australia, comes from a traditional publishing background

Engagement marketing is the future, according to Phil Fernandez, founder and CEO of  Marketo. Fernandez was in town this week and spoke at an event in Sydney on Thursday morning. “Traditional advertising does not work anymore,” he said. “People are tuning us out.” Mass marketing is dead, he said, or at

The average length of time a CMO stays in their role has dropped to 44 months in the USA, according to media reports. Quoting research from firm Spencer Stuart, the Wall Street Journal said it was the first time the tenure had dropped over the past decade. In 2014, the tenure

Fashion brand David Jones doesn’t just want people in the audience to ooh and ahh at its latest fashion collection, it wants everyone to be able to see everything as it comes out. Which is why David Jones has partner with live streaming app Periscope to film the entire runway and

While everyone is harping on about how brands need to do some ‘real-time marketing’ a report coming from market research company TNS Global has said the term is too narrow, which is why marketers are struggling to actually do the marketing tactic. Many big calendar events are the ones that

Sometimes you have to kick the hornets’ nest. Our report into ad blocking, subsequently picked up by leading local ad title B&T (which has run with the issue further since then) has inflamed a debate at the top levels of the advertising industry world wide. The CEO of the Interactive